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Organization Name
Harlem River Community Rowing
About Us
Harlem River Community Rowing is a volunteer-driven rowing program in New York City. We're committed to providing quality, affordable, accessible rowing opportunities for all New Yorkers and to helping to expand and enhance access to the Harlem River for on-water physical fitness and recreation, in particular for the communities of Northern Manhattan and the West and South Bronx.
We Participate Because
We want to give more New Yorkers a good place to exercise and pursue a healthy lifestyle. Our program expands the affordable fitness options for low-income residents in the surrounding neighborhoods, who suffer from high rates of obesity, asthma and diabetes. Our goal is to provide inclusive, affordable rowing to athletes of all ages, sizes and abilities. We're expanding our membership while introducing new people to the sport we love. There are surprisingly few rowing options in New York City. Top Row, the only other option, charges fees that are prohibitive to most New Yorkers. That's a shame, because the benefits of rowing are clear: Unlike any other sport, it uses almost every muscle in the body, in most cases through the full range of movement, without heavy impact. The sport is learned easily, and accommodates those of a wide range of sizes, ages, and fitness levels. Rowing isn’t purely about the raw power used to pull the oar; it involves developing technical skill and body movement that coalesce into an efficient stroke. And teamwork is key. Since we established ourselves in Inwood Hill Park, we've been offering a free introduction to rowing program on our training barge and, starting last year, free learn-to-row sessions and recreational outings on three rowing shells stored onsite. We welcome any opportunity to introduce New Yorkers to the sport we love.