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Organization Name
The HOPE Program
About Us
The HOPE Program empowers New Yorkers to build sustainable futures through comprehensive training, jobs, placement and lifelong career support. We have been proud to have partnered with ioby on a matching funds campaign for a community greening project, which we successfully met and implemented. Today, in addition to job training, HOPE is providing comprehensive services to our community, including technology equipment and digital literacy training to access critial training, resources, and in some cases remote jobs.
We Participate Because
We engage in this work because it is core to who we are from our founding in 1984. We are specifically seeking matching funds to meet a critical need in the wake of COVID. NYC faces a digital divide: 27% of households lack broadband internet and 17% lack a computer. These rates increase up to 44% for those facing socioeconomic barriers. Digital access and skills are crucial not only for job training, but also for many other crucial needs that our clients face during the pandemic, including benefits access, telehealth, job search, and much more.