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Organization Name
I Am ManPower Academy
About Us
Mission statement: “Merging Academics and Athletics to create a culture in our youth of practicing to improve behavior” Vision statement: “We are an all year around mentoring and sports program creating a consistent, professional and effective safe space for our youth. We are a co-curriculum program engaged in introducing academics within athletics as means to address community issues and youth delinquency.” We engage in youth and community development. Our focus youth are in District 2, ages 8 to 17. We have an administrative team of 5, our cornerstone program “Athletic Economics” (AE), is regarding behaviors and decision making, the curriculum address money and anger management, social/cultural awareness, conflict resolution and other behaviors. IAMP is adding a new component in the program, Arts & Crafts and Creative Writing sessions, designed to use art as means of emotional release. This is for the youth to have another avenue for emotional and stress release, outside sports. We have IAMP Arts & Craft / Hoop Tournaments, where youth design t-shirts, hats, banners and many more things and play basketball games and eat. We have mentoring programs and sports/events programs. Our community development program is focused on fixing, building and remodeling sporting venues in District 2. Through our program, at-risk youth are engaged in prevention, intervention, deterrence, mental-health, social-health, and physical-health. From October 2021 to June 2022, I Am ManPower Academy conducted a mentoring program called Athletic Economics, held on Tuesdays from 5pm to 7pm, at the Robertson Community Center. Ages 8 to 17, and average youth participate 11 to 19. We further ran a 12 week Mentoring-Hoop and condition clinic Jan to April on Saturday & Sunday from 9am to 2pm at Martin Luther King Jr. Tech. Every weekend we provided snacks/drinks and provided full meals at 3 tournaments. We ran a 9 week summer program that consisted of art and crafts, sport and play. We worked with “Academics for Athletics” to facilitate a free lunch program. We worked with BCLC, Kings & Queens Rises league 2022. The director of IAMP led DPH/North Sac teams as the head coach, where he fed and facilitated approximately 37 youth and provided snacks and drinks at every practices and class.
We Participate Because
These activities help create a positive and productive narrative. I believe that lots small projects from residential and community people and based organizations can have a greater affect an more immediate impact then very big commercial organizations. Using art to clean up and change the face of community, encourages change for the better and a more positive and productive thinking.