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Organization Name
The Friendship Factor
About Us
Advancing social mobility and equity through shared experiences and peer support. The Friendship Factor was founded on the simple premise that we all need friends. All children need friends for support, stimulation, companionship, to build confidence, self-esteem and develop relationships that prepare them for life. Yet many children with developmental disabilities grow up excluded from the web of membership and connections that define community life, their social universe limited to interaction primarily with their family and the sphere of “specialized services”. We are building a community that recognizes the central importance of friendships and connections in ALL our lives.
We Participate Because
The Friendship Factor believes in diversity, equity and inclusion for all, and harnessing the strength and support of community to influence public opinion and impact positive change. Our program is most effective when we work together, parent(s), families, kids,  schools and communities. Adopting an immersive and consistent approach designed to encourage long-term social emotional development for children with and without disabilities. We are proudly partnering with the Ioby platform to leverage community outreach across all sectors, faiths, and social justice causes. "One person can make a difference and everyone should try."-John F. Kennedy