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Organization Name
Healing by Choice!
About Us
We are a diverse group of Women and Gender Non-Conforming People of Color Health and Healing Practitioners based in Waawiiyatanong / Detroit, MI. We are committed to living with integrity and love, as we interweave the wisdom of Mother Earth, our ancestors, and our traditions in our own healing and journey toward wholeness. We honor and support the distinct presence that each of us brings along with our individual services. We strive to work in a way that is collaborative and co-creative, within our group and within our communities. We call ourselves Healing by Choice!(HbC!) because we get to make the choice about how and when healing happens and uphold that each of us is the expert of our own experience(s). Our opinions, needs, and desires matter and we get to claim that directly. That is one of the reasons we use the exclamation point. It says that we matter, we will be open and upfront about our healing. It is not in the background, or an afterthought, as it so often has been in society. We are inspired, in part, by Adela Nieves Martinez, our founder, INCITE! Women, Gender Non-Conforming and Trans people of Color Against Violence, and are are making a point of our existence and our practice
We Participate Because
We participate in the activities that IOBY supports because we believe in the power of community. Detroit is a place of great wisdom, power, creativity and resiliency. We believe that everyone has the capacity and tools for healing AND it is important for us to continue to learn and share healing tools in community.