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Gurukul Siliguri
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GURUKUL Siliguri acquaints you with some extremely successful educational sources where B.ed Admission is its utmost priority. B.Ed Admission in distinct colleges of West Bengal Andhra Pradesh, Haryana is what we pledge to help you in. We will provide you with the top-tier universities, giving you the opportunity to continue your education via correspondence or a traditional course. Our teachers, together with the research and management teams, make constant efforts to analyze each student carefully and develop the teaching process by sparking a modern mindset in the students. Our institution firmly believes in enlightening and challenging students' brains to attain excellence in all areas of life like Arts, Science, Political and Social Studies, Religious and Cultural subjects and so on through a well developed teacher training course. The goal of Gurukul College of Education is to be recognized as a reputable institution with years of expertise in providing a range of professional undergraduate and graduate programs. We further aim to develop an awareness of professional ethics and the multi-faceted roles of an institute. With a focus on experiential learning and value-oriented instruction, our academic curriculum aims to transfer knowledge in the most useful way possible for long-term effects.
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