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Kathy S Blackman
The Grog Shop has been a staple in the Coventry Village neighborhood for 28 years. We opened our doors in 1992 as a corner bar with live music and have grown into a destination concert venue that strives to showcase original music 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The Grog Shop has played host to countless local, national, and international touring acts for nearly 30 years, booking all ranges of indie rock, hip-hop, hardcore, jam, reggae, metal, electronic, comedy… You get the idea. Coventry, once the counter culture ground zero of Cleveland, is now a family-friendly mix of eclectic independent shops and restaurants and the Grog Shop is a key anchor.
I Participate Because
We are a pivotal part of the Coventry and Cleveland Heights neighborhood at large and want to continue our mission to support Cleveland musicians. The COVID pandemic has forced us to shut our doors, and we want to keep music alive. We are shuttered by necessity and are trying to find new and safe ways to showcase our community and continue to provide our fans with a semblance of the live music feel. The transition to live-streaming with small safely distanced live audiences has been a challenge, but one The Grog Shop is committed to making. We have spent the past 6 months transforming our space so that we can try and have small groups enjoy music in person and also offer live streams to those at home. These shows will enable us to remain a vital part of the music and Coventry Village Communities. To learn more about The Grog Shop including upcoming events/shows and partner restaurants please log on to