Organization Name
Grace Freedman (Co-Chair, FOFA/PSCC; Boerum Hill resident)
About Us
Forth on Fourth Ave (FOFA), committee of Park Slope Civic Council. Our mission is to work with the diverse Fourth Avenue community in and adjacent to Park Slope to promote well-being, safety and vitality along Fourth Avenue. Our goal is to provide an active forum and voice for people who live, work and make use of Fourth Avenue in order to identify and address community concerns. We conduct activities intended to learn more about who lives and works on Fourth Avenue and what their concerns are; develop alliances among and between individuals, groups and commercial interests on Fourth Avenue in order to work toward common interests; and represent the interests of the Park Slope section of Fourth Avenue in larger discussions about Fourth Avenue improvements. Topics of current focus include: ● Improve safety and seek a greener, cleaner streetscape and a more vibrant pedestrian experience along Fourth Avenue; ● Enhance aesthetics and strengthen the relationship of the buildings on Fourth Avenue with street level activity; ● Advocate for a greater diversity of housing options on or near Fourth Avenue; ● Promote greater economic vitality for diverse retail and commercial businesses on Fourth Avenue; ● Improve the street experience of pedestrians, cyclists, commuters, drivers and residents who make use of Fourth Avenue
We Participate Because
The Park Slope Civic Council’s mission is to understand the concerns of the various Park Slope constituencies and to select and implement effective responses through events, activities and advocacy efforts that engage the community and enhance our quality of life. The Park Slope Civic Council (PSCC) nurtures, defends, celebrates, and invigorates this community we call home.