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The Freshkills Park Alliance
About Us
At 2,200 acres, Freshkills Park will be the largest park developed in New York City in over 100 years. The transformation of what was formerly the world’s largest landfill into a productive and beautiful cultural destination makes the park a symbol of renewal and an expression of how our society can restore balance to its landscape. Over the course of the site’s transformation, NYC Parks and partner organization, Freshkills Park Alliance promote environmental research and ecological restoration, engage advocates and volunteers, and stage a broad range of recreational, cultural and educational programs for the public.
We Participate Because
The communities on Staten Island surrounding the park were negatively impacted by landfill operations for over half a century. Residents were burdened by persistent landfill odors, air pollution from truck traffic, noise, and open mounds of garbage matted with seagulls. The transformation of Freshkills Park, from a site of degradation to a site of renewal, is a form of ecological atonement to its neighbors. This project will allow the community to begin to experience the site – and for area youth to learn ways of incorporating technology into environmental science. The project will aid some of our existing research in that along with giving the general public a lens into the activity of the park’s growing bird population, it will produce data related to the activity levels and prevalence of these cavity nesting birds for use by the scientists studying these bird populations at the park. Our hope is that the project will also publicize to the scientific community that there is a great opportunity for research focusing on the process of ecological restoration at Freshkills Park, and that by providing these opportunities for people to access the transformation at the park, we will see increased investment in its continuation and in the health of our green spaces as a whole.