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Full Name
Lin Grimm
Lin grew up in Tucson, and got their BA in Cultural Studies at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA. They were a camp counselor for a summer at the Western Washington Girl Scouts St. Albans summer camp, and their favorite group of campers was the art kids who all brought their own sketchbooks and specifically requested art kits and time in the forest to draw the ponds and trees. Lin has been a studio model for the Pima Community College fine arts students. Their favorite lesson was when the students were tasked with drawing the space Lin occupied with charcoal scribbles, and on a dozen sketch pages it looked like they were an ominous smoke monster. Lin makes a lot of art, and has memories of being interested in cool art supplies even as a youngling. Through years of figuring out tools that work well, finding colors that are vibrant and fun to apply, and picking out papers and canvases that feel nice, they understand that frustrating art supplies are terrible for creativity. Burgeoning artists, young and young-at-heart, deserve access to fun and GOOD art supplies.
I Participate Because
Cool ideas need community support to flourish! Lin came up with a first iteration of "How To Get Good Art Supplies To People and Also Maybe Give Those People Safe Space To Feel Creative" about a year ago. Unsure of how to reach out and get that project really going (especially in pandemic), they bought a web address and sat on that idea for a bit, until... their partner forwarded a link to the ioby in Sacramento and the lightbulbs that were on a low setting suddenly blazed! "There are people around me who want this to happen, too??? Let's GO-O-O-O-O!" Lin hollered to the skies. The web address in question still doesn't have a site built yet, haha, btw. But, you can check their personal artist's web presence today at ellgrimm.art