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Down to Earth Community Garden
About Us
Down to Earth Gardening started as a group dedicated to gardening and gardening education in 2013. In the first two years we were able to establish two gardens for local homeless shelters, First Step Services and the Shalom Center. We also taught many classes on all things veggie, and organized and executed Kenosha's first sustainable living festival, Getting Green by the Lake. We are excited to embark on our first community garden this spring! The Moose Lodge has kindly allocated one acre of land to our organization in order for us to operate and maintain a community garden. We are enthusiastic to offer 55 4x8 beds for beginning gardeners, 10 10x12 beds for advanced gardeners, a sharing garden, and themed children's garden. The sharing garden will be planted and maintained with the help of volunteers, and the produce will be shared locally with those who may need some additional food in their household and are willing to come pick it themselves, bringing people closer to their food sources. Education is an important part of our mission statement, and we will be offering classes on gardening for the public and for our community garden participants actively throughout the growing season. The classes will be held directly in the garden, allowing for a great hands on learning experience. The children's garden will be used to help introduce kids to the love of gardening, as well. Aside from gardening classes, the gardening process awakens many questions about food and the differences between grocery store produce and locally grown vegetables. We will offer classes and provide information about how people can vote with their pocketbook in improving their lifestyle and their health, supporting our local food movement. One of the key benefits of a community garden is the "community" aspect. We will be actively working to develop a strong community at the garden through Saturday work days and many activities that will allow the gardeners to get to know one another, aside from their direct garden bed neighbors. Some of these activities will include a garden grand opening in the Spring and a Harvest Festival in the Fall. We also plan to involve the greater Kenosha community through volunteer opportunities and through inviting and notifying the public about all activities and education classes. Of course, we will need financial support as we begin to install the garden in the Spring. We will have to purchase hose, garden tools, wood to frame the beds, and pay for water and insurance. However, we also are in need of volunteers and individuals who would like to garden at the community garden. The rental of the beds will cost $20 per season for the 4x8 beds and $30 for the 10x12 beds. Volunteers will be needed throughout the season, to help install the garden in the Spring and to help maintain it through Fall.
We Participate Because
We participate because we believe that gardening has power. We believe that digging in the ground, next to your neighbor you may never have met before builds relationships. We believe that knowing where your food comes from frees your health and allows you to make choices that can affect real change for our world and our country. We believe that working on something in our community helps us take ownership for what's ours. Join us! Eat well, live well, get up, and make a difference!