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Offer Something More Consider the possibility that your child is just bored. Perhaps the subject matter isn't very engaging for them. Maybe it's too easy. Think about ways to extend their learning beyond he classroom into areas that relate and help them find more connection to the curriculum. Or, just allow them to explore something else entirely. My children don't get nearly enough interaction with science so we find other ways to experience that so they don't lose their zest for learning. Focus on the Good Some children find going to school unpleasant because there is a particular subject they don't enjoy or excel at. Consider trying to counteract that by focusing more intensely on the things they do like and do well in. For example, if your child struggles with reading but does well with math, encourage them to join a math club and find others to connect with who are similarly inclined. Sometimes having strong ties, friends to share things with, and a really interesting topic, can break up the monotony enough to make more enjoyable overall. Tell Them What's What Eventually your child will just need to accept that schooling is a part of their life. Just like going to work and providing for your family is apart of yours. Help them to understand that there are certain commitments in every person's life that we just have to do and remind them that school is one such commitment for them. Clearly discuss your expectations, which may require a bit of adjustment on your part, and help them set goals to ensure they meet those. Hopefully this part of their distaste with school is a transient a phase that they won't have to endure for the rest of their educational careers.
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Finding educational success depends in part on how well you are able to acquire, retain, interpret, and retell information you learn. Acquiring these skills starts before children even enter the classroom and continues as they go through the educational system. These tips will help parents as they guide their children to be better learners.