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Full Name
Deleta Smith
I never really saw myself as a leader. In fact, being the youngest of seven I did a lot of following. Though, ever since I could remember -- and I think many would agree -- I never stopped talking (ever) or asking questions. Fast forward to 2012 and that has not changed much except now, through collaboration, I am empowered to be a part of an answer. How do we create palpable solutions of healthy living in the South Bronx? We facilitate discourse among students and parents, we involve community leaders, we demand a healthy ratio of health food establishments and fast food joints, we democratize mentorship so that we never "know" but we learn; we don't tell but we teach. There are many more questions to be asked and more solutions to be had; I am prepared for the journey and excited to share it. I currently recruit, hire and motivate over 150 volunteers in NYC as the Volunteer Coordinator at Safe Horizon, the largest victim assistance organization nationwide.
I Participate Because
"It's in my blood."