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Organization Name
Outside Circle Theater Project
About Us
Outside Circle Theater Project (OCTP) is a not-for-profit company dedicated to supporting the art of storytelling by producing live theater works for and by under-represented voices in the community. OCPT will nurture and champion works focused on history, social justice, and diversity discussions. OCCT allows women and girls an opportunity to express themselves in their own words in a safe, non-judgmental, and inclusive space. Theatrical productions will primarily consist of solicited new and interpreted royalty-free works and those existing in the public domain. OCCT’s vision is to direct and stage a one or two-act work annually. All performances are open to the general public.
We Participate Because
We endeavor to educate and generate discussion through producing and casting live theater works that reflect the diverse voices of women and girls of all ethnic, social, and cultural backgrounds. Participation is open to all ages, genders, races, and nationalities. Currently, no, community theater specific to the mission and vision of OCCT exists in Lorain County. Most, if not all, theater projects in the county focus on musical theater, children’s theater, and established works for which royalties must and can be paid. In an open letter to American and community theaters on the issue of inclusion, #BlackGirlMagic wrote the following: “In light of the recent injustices towards black people at the hands of police, a large number of theatres around the country have published statements in support of Black, Indigenous, and Non-Black People of Color (BIPOC)." We believe community theater goals should trend toward diversity, equity, and inclusion.