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Bikes Not Bombs
About Us
Bikes Not Bombs promotes bicycle technology as a concrete alternative to war and environmental destruction. For 25 years, BNB has been a nexus of bike recycling and community empowerment both in lower income neighborhoods of Boston and in the nations of the Global South. BNB's programs involve young people and adults in mutually respectful leadership development and environmental stewardship, while recycling thousands of bicycles.
We Participate Because
The Bikes Not Bombs community… • Addresses the root causes of inequality, violence, and oppression • Supports the self-empowerment of individuals and communities as a means to achieve sustainable, effective social change • Includes all people in the social change process in order to challenge the forces and effects of systemic oppression • Acts in solidarity with our local and international partners because this leads to collective understanding and strength • Commits to the sustainable, equitable consumption of resources as critical to the health of our communities and our planet • Is courageous and bold in the face of injustice • Uses the bicycle as a powerful vehicle and tool for social change • Celebrates and builds upon the existing strengths of our partners and participants.