Organization Name
Folk School of Fayetteville
About Us
FOLK SCHOOL OF FAYETTEVILLE is a 501(c)3 non-profit music organization popularly known as Fayetteville Roots. For over a 13 years we have worked to connect community through music and food, fostering concerts & community/educational events in Northwest Arkansas. In March 2023, The Folk School of Fayetteville moved to the historic Walker Stone House near the Fayetteville Square. This new location offers space for lessons, classes, workshops, and music sessions/jams.
We Participate Because
A vibrant music scene is needed in all communities. Music is a connection point for folks of all kinds, and connections made with music are magical, at least momentarily magical. It brings together different demographics, differing but also universal thoughts. Communities always need strong connection points, but at this moment in time...the need feels stronger than ever. Folk School of Fayetteville strives to create a space for those opportunities of connection and learning. We know that when musicians (or any artists) leave an area due to rising costs and inaccessibility to affordable space, it leaves a crack in the foundation of a place/town/city. A loss of music teachers, a loss of local bands, a loss of the art scene can be felt for years. Folk School of Fayetteville is working to provide a space for musicians to feel connected to their community, a place they can learn & teach & grow & share, and provide a place that inspires the music community, and the community as a whole to say "I love my town, I can make it here, and I love being a part of this community".