Organization Name
Basketshop Gallery
About Us
Basketshop is an artist led space that offers young artists an opportunity to develop their vision in an environment that is dedicated to assisting them to reach their professional goals. We also offer our services to mid-career artists that are curious about experimenting with new concepts or directions that are crucial to their established practice. Basketshop exists as a non-profit for the sole purpose of not being driven by decisions that would require us to consider a buyers market, but can be geared toward allowing artists the freedom to take risks and explore their personal convictions. We seek out artists that display their diverse points of view for the visitors to engage with. Through this programming, we seek to promote empathy, equity and expansive creative outlooks within our community.
We Participate Because
Our actions follow our values. It is important to for us to build a healthy arts ecosystem, that serves artists and the community that it is located. As a non-profit organization, we have a need to extend the grant funding that is awarded to us on a regular basis.