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Arts & Scraps
About Us
Arts & Scraps uses 28 tons of recycled materials annually to help 275,000 children think, create and learn. This is possible with 10,000 volunteer hours from people of all ages and abilities, 180 businesses in Metro Detroit and thousands of donors that recycle materials from home. Programs include a public store affordable to all, workshops at Arts & Scraps or throughout SE Michigan using the 26' ScrapMobile bus, kits for active learning and fun and family activities at public and private events.
We Participate Because
People and businesses throw stuff away. Kids need stuff to invent, build, create and use their brains. Teachers, group leaders and parents need ideas and fresh ways to help students learn. It just makes sense to connect all those things. IOBY presents a new way to find people and businesses that support the environment. If you throw anything away or know a child, you can be involved with Arts & Scraps.