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Organization Name
Restaurant Worker Mutual Aid of Greater Boston
About Us
It is the mission of the Restaurant Worker Mutual Aid (RWMA) to mobilize resources to fight food insecurity amongst undocumented restaurant workers directly impacted by COVID-19 in the Greater Boston area. This mission is achieved through a network of volunteers, acquiring and assembling grocery items, and distributing to households on a weekly basis. The RWMA’s efforts are made possible through the donations of food items, as well as financial contributions. The RWMA works in partnership with other organizations and community leaders as a means to best maximize resources in order to reach those most in need.
We Participate Because
While the RWMA acquires food item donations the majority of groceries are purchased from donation dollars. A typical week's grocery purchases include chicken, eggs, butter, fruit, potatoes, onions, garlic, carrots, a green vegetable, rice, beans, and juice. In addition, we provide baby care items as well as hygiene products. Without financial contribution from generous donors our mission would not be possible. This past week we provided to 41 households: 104 adults and 78 children). The hope is that through Ioby we not only could increase our funding, but our outreach and community connection as well.