Urban Patch has a simple but powerful mission, to help make the American inner city better. Our work uses what we call a “past forward” approach that brings the rich legacy of our community’s past in building strong and resilient neighborhoods forward to today and the future by using holistic models of social, environmental and economic community development. Our projects have ranged from saving long-abandoned and foreclosed homes in the inner city to turning vacant lots into community spaces that can provide fresh and healthy food or ecological benefits, and to education programs that teach people how to take care of their families’ health, improve their community and steward their urban environment.

We take an incremental and resourceful approach to neighborhood development and urban design. Each initiative–small or large, short-term or for the next generation–includes an aspect that takes on the built fabric of the city (the urban) and in parallel an aspect that addresses the environmental fabric of the city (the patch) while incorporating both into the social, economic and cultural dynamics and considerations that are necessary for a successful and resilient urban community.

Check out the Indianapolis projects that we've developed, funded and implemented as a community:

  • Ready to plant redbuds!

    Indy Redbud Project 2017 Planting

    The Indy Redbud Project is an environmental art project that will plant redbud trees and bring residents together to help make the inner city better.

    NEEDS: $3,865 of 5,000 + Volunteers
  • Indy Redbud Project

    The Indy Redbud Project is an urban environmental art project that will plant redbud trees and bring residents together to help make the inner city better. 

    NEEDS: $0 of 1,065 + Volunteers
  • Fall Creek Gardens Sunflower Mural

    Fall Creek Gardens teaches sustainable practices for growing food in the city.  We seek funding for a sunflower mural that will engage the neighborhood and beautify our community garden!

    NEEDS: $0 of 2,385 + Volunteers
  • Urban Patch - Stone Soup Kitchen

    The Stone Soup Kitchen project by Urban Patch will help to make the inner city better by offering classes to people of all ages in the community how to eat healtheir (more fruits & vegetables) while saving money.

    NEEDS: $0 of 618
  • Urban Patch - Park Garden

    The Park Garden is a new green space on Indianapolis’ north side. It will be a permaculture garden and will provide a more naturalized and informal setting.

    NEEDS: $0 of 1,326 + Volunteers