Sustainable CT is a statewide certification program that helps  municipalities in Connecticut become more sustainable. Sustainable CT is an  expert  in local sustainability and can help you plan and implement your own project to help your town earn points towards Sustainable CT certification.  

ioby--which stands for in our backyards--is a national nonprofit crowdfunding platform for civic change. They’re experts in crowdfunding for community projects and can help you run a successful fundraising campaign. 

Sustainable CT and ioby are partnering to provide match funding and one-on-one fundraising support for projects that help make Connecticut communities more sustainable.

Here’s how it works: 


1. Share your project idea 

Have a phone call with the Sustainable CT Community Outreach Manager  to  share your project idea and ask questions.   Ready to get started? Schedule your call now. 

2. Get approved

Sustainable CT will determine if your project is eligible for the match and let you know quickly, usually within five  business days. 

3. Talk with your local Sustainability Team

Once your project is approved, Sustainable CT will connect you with your town’s Sustainability Team. You’ll probably want to share your project with them early on, as they might be able to support you in a number of ways. You can access your funding before speaking with your town, but your town is required to have a conversation with you if they would like to receive points towards certification with Sustainable CT for your project. Your good work can help your town better celebrate and showcase local sustainability!

4. Tell us a little more 

Fill out a five minute  survey that includes your expected project timeline. 

5. Build your crowdfunding campaign

When you’ve been  approved and have shared your project timeline, Sustainable CT will introduce you to your  ioby Leader Success Strategist and you can begin building your fundraising page. 

6. Fundraise! 

Your Leader Success Strategist will help you plan and launch your crowdfunding campaign. As you reach out to your community for donations, your strategist will continue to share tips and be available to answer your questions to help you reach fundraising success. And if you get stuck, they're there to help you get unstuck. 

7. Get your funds 

Let your Leader Success Strategist know when you’re ready to  close your crowdfunding campaign. Funds will be sent to you by check, including funds you raised on ioby plus any match funds. 

8. Go make your Connecticut community more sustainable! 

The Sustainable CT team is here to support you as you bring your project to life. When your project is complete, we’ll ask you to complete another five minute survey to share your thoughts and help us improve our program and services. 


Ready to get started? 

Schedule a call to discuss your project idea 

Or, simply reach out to Sustainable CT’s Community Outreach Manager,  Abe Hilding-Salorio​ at: or 860-465-0256.