Wintertime again. Short days, biting winds, trudging through piles of snow...who thought this was a good idea? While it can seem difficult to do good and have fun in the coldest, darkest season, it’s not impossible. Winter actually provides some unique opportunities for simple and inexpensive community projects! 

In this guide, we've collected five plans involving different amounts of indoor and outdoor time, more and less rigorous physical activity, and neighborhood to city-wide impact. Each winter and cold project is a great way to meet people, make new traditions, and create a positive experience in your neighborhood.

The FREE guide includes: 

- How to capture and report sneckdowns
- How to organize a holiday pop-up shop
- How to build an all-season outdoor pavilion 
- How to organize a post-halloween pumpkin smash 
- How to hold a Christmas tree mulching event 
- Timeframe, budget, supplies list for each project 
- Additional resources
...and more!