Green infrastructure refers to stormwater management practices that mimic what happens in nature during and after heavy rainfalls. Elements of green infrastructure work to either capture stormwater so it can be reused, or offer it a place to seep into the ground gradually and feed plants instead of leaving it to flow over impermeable paved surfaces like roads and sidewalks and cause flooding or overwhelm sewer systems. Luckily, any neighborhood can do a lot to protect rivers, streams and drinking water sources.

New to green infrastructure projects? No problem! In this guide, we've compiled five easy project plans to build in your community—no experience required. Each project is a great way to meet new people in your community, create new traditions, and build a positive experience in your neighborhood.

This FREE guide includes:

  • What green infrastructure is 
  • How to start a rain garden
  • How to build a rain barrel catchment system 
  • How to depave anything
  • How to build a bioswale​
  • Taking care of street trees 
  • A timeframe, budget and supplies list for each project
  • Additional resources

...and more!