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Annual Giving Reports

Each year, we produce a Giving Report chock full of stats, numbers, graphs, charts, maps, and stories that show the impact of projects funded through ioby throughout the prior year. See how much we've gotten done together in the reports below.

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Program Reports


Phase 0 Reports

Our Phase 0 research is designed to help us understand if ioby’s unique structure as a mission-driven nonprofit crowdfunding platform with wrap-around services like fiscal sponsorship, implementation support and on-the-ground organizers — can support grassroots work a particular city. Before we begin a Phase 0, we make sure that a city meets our minimum requirements for fit, which are:

  • History of neighborhood disinvestment (things like redlining, long-term population loss, mid-century urban renewal projects that resulted in social upheaval, or concentrations of high structural unemployment);
  • People of color make up more than a third of the population;
  • City leaders—in government, philanthropy and the social sector—are interested in taking an innovative approach to supporting community-led and place-based projects;
  • City leaders value authentic civic engagement, and are interested in building leadership capacity within communities;
  • City leaders are interested in achieving and measuring social, economic and public health outcomes as components of a long-term vision for sustainability; We are particularly interested in working with cities that have stated goals of fighting public health epidemics , strengthening sharing economies, and promoting social and environmental justice.