If you are involved in community work, you are probably involved in racial justice work. Given the United States’ complex history, it won’t surprise most that racial injustice has long existed and continues to be embedded in our present. So in the face of the enormous challenge of confronting injustice, building community can often become a form of racial justice work; building trust and connection across difference, and creating spaces for safety amidst our challenges.

The truth is, this work can be overwhelming. But there’s good news—our communities and our neighbors are stepping up to address inequities right here in Cleveland! Whether it’s facilitating public conversations, painting challenging and inspiring murals, or challenging injustice in the halls of power, Clevelanders are fighting for justice in our backyards.

Neighborhood Connections is committed to supporting Clevelanders in standing up for racial justice and is teaming up with ioby to create the Racial Equity Matching Fund to support grassroots initiatives promoting racial equity.

Leaders of eligible projects can receive a dollar for dollar match from Neighborhood Connections up to $2,000. Funds are available on a first-come, first-served on a rolling basis. 

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