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In this webinar recording, you'll hear from project leaders who are addressing their neighborhood’s need for racial justice and have created community solutions around racial equity. They’ll share how crowdfunding supported their grassroots projects and how they got started, built support, and overcame challenges. Indigo Bishop, one of ioby’s Action Strategists, will also share more about how we work to support social justice changemaking.

This Racial Justice webinar recording includes:

  • Three community leaders talk about their experience fundraising and launching a racial justice project in their neighborhoods. 
  • How to build a team and develop leadership to successfully launch a racial justice project. 
  • How storytelling can strengthen your fundraising strategy, mobilize neighbors and get buy-in from the community. 
  • How long term, structural change can be made with a grassroots or community racial justice project. 
  • When crowdfunding is the right tool to raise funds for your project.


Amanda King, Shooting Without Bullets

Christin Farmer, The Mothership Connection

Leah Lewis, The X’s and O’s of Race/ism, a Docu-series


Indigo Bishop, ioby’s Cleveland Action Strategist