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As communities across the country grapple with our nation’s vast legacy of racism, one that permeates our everyday life today, creative placemaking has a unique role to play in imagining what a more equitable present and future might look like. Bringing together the arts, culture, and creative decision-making in the process of planning and nurturing our future, creative placemaking is a potent tool to tackle inequity today and build a just future. In this recorded webinar, learn how to incorporate racial equity at every turn in your project—from conceiving it, to bringing it to life.

This webinar on Racial Equity in Creative Placemaking includes:

  • A brief overview on ioby's tools to support creative placemaking projects
  • An exploration of placemaking vs placekeeping
  • Three case studies of creative placemaking projects, in both urban and rural contexts, that centered racial equity and how they did it
  • How equity and inclusion has, or hasn't, changed because of COVID-19 and advice for artists navigating today's landscape
  • How artists can be conduits for racial equity and grassroots movements in policy and governance

Featuring artists and practitioners: