Girl Scouts at Scout House

Scout Music House Interior Renovation Fund

Athens Arts League seeks to provide students the opportunity to delve into music so they can explore their level of interest, whether that is a career, hobby, or personal enjoyment. 

NEEDS: $0 of 4,226 + Volunteers
Garden area. Tree.

BKMSCC and Saratoga Library Community Garden

We will revamp a vacant library garden to provide a community space. We will provide hands on learning of environment and gardening by teaching health and sustainability. We will collectively create a greenspace.

NEEDS: $2,085 of 2,095 + Volunteers
Along the river

Cada Paso: The Next Step

Cada Paso has been activating health in East Harlem for three years. This year we're enhancing food security and promoting leadership opportunities for our families. 



NEEDS: $0 of 10,232

Project Green Space

Project Green Space will host multiple community cleanups and educate the community about healthy choices through a community garden. We will plant fruits and vegetables that will be available to the community.

NEEDS: $0 of 1,250

The Bronx is Blooming!

The Program for Leaders Advancing their Community's Environment (PLACE) empowers Bronx high school and college students to mentor their communities in the preservation and revitalization of local parks.

NEEDS: $0 of 20,635 + Volunteers

SE 1st St. Parking Lot Tree Replacement

We will place nine non-fruiting trees with root barriers and an irrigation system along the parking lot on SE 1st St. and Dorion, across the street from the Wells Fargo drive through ATM.

NEEDS: $0 of 3,125

Northside Resource Mall

We're reimagining a neighborhood school into a community resource center.

NEEDS: $0 of 8,378 + Volunteers

The Refugee Translation Project: Phase 2

The Refugee Translation Project provides free translations of asylum statements for refugees seeking asylum in the New York metro area.

NEEDS: $0 of 811 + Volunteers


Homelessness robs our community of the talent and energy that young people bring. Help us provide a safe and healthy home for young men in Detroit.

NEEDS: $0 of 90 + Volunteers
OUR NEW SURF TRUCK..."Dude Stokemeister" - Thank you for your support!

StreetWaves Surf Camp

We are raising funds for a reliable TRANSPORT TRUCK for all our boards so that we can continue to offer FREE SURF LESSONS to hundreds of inner city youth each year.

NEEDS: $0 of 11,022 + Volunteers
A design mock up or our parklet

Lewistown Parklet

The project involves the design, construction, and placement of a parklet within the Central Business District of downtown Lewistown, Montana. Installed within one, or possibly two, parallel parking spaces.

NEEDS: $0 of 3,050
Photo courtesy of Tree Pittsburgh.

Goats on the Go!

Allegheny GoatScape wants to travel safely and efficiently. A small horse trailer allows the goatherd to travel to locales and remove unwanted plants in their own transportation, providing easier entry to job sites.

NEEDS: $0 of 5,185
Dossin Museum field trip 2016

Bandits Backwoods Camping Academy

We will target low to moderate income boys and girls ages 9 to 15. Organizations involved are BRAVO, Stafford House Inc, Meet Up Eat Up,& Georgia St Garden. We will expose youth to outdoor activities out of the norm.

NEEDS: $0 of 1,815 + Volunteers

Parkside 2017

The Parkside Plaza needs donations to keep programming on the plaza. 

NEEDS: $0 of 2,077 + Volunteers

Blooming Streets- NYCHA Community Garden

This project is a contribution to New York City's sustainable future.  We're growing flowers, we're growing friendships, we're growing a community.

NEEDS: $0 of 1,323 + Volunteers
Good Vibes concerts

A Place for Community at 125th & Park

This summer, we hope to start warm-weather activities EARLIER and keep them going LONGER THAN EVER BEFORE! In 2017, backed by popular demand, we plan to be in the plaza with full programming from MAY TO OCTOBER.

NEEDS: $0 of 20,635 + Volunteers
Farmers proudly sell their locally-grown produce

The South Bronx Farmers Market - New Market Day

We are launching our first mid-week market to serve our community. We need funds to help cover costs for supplies and staffing, who are essential in facilitating SNAP/EBT sales and ensuring that the market runs smoothly.

NEEDS: $0 of 10,335 + Volunteers

We Run Brownsville

We Run Brownsville is a walk/run wellness program exculsively for women that is designed to prioritize individual care through the lens of collective responsibility and active community activism. 

NEEDS: $0 of 2,845
Higganum Mucket

Bringing Higganum Muckets to Life

Join us in memorializing the mucket, a strange and elusive fish that only resides in Higganum waters, by creating statues to be placed at landmarks locations within our Village. 

NEEDS: $0 of 3,160
Limestone County, AL Courthouse

Sit a "Spell" on Our Front Porch

We will place rocking chairs around downtown to encourage visitors to Sit a 'Spell and enjoy what our downtown has to offer. 

NEEDS: $0 of 3,125 + Volunteers
Healthy training

Niagara Falls Track & Field Club Fundraiser

The program is made up of volunteers who are interested in providing a safe and healthy activities for the residents on Niagara County. Funds are needed to provide bus transportation to area track meets.

NEEDS: $0 of 650 + Volunteers

[re]New Lots: Artist Incubator & Vendor Market

re]New Lots: Artist Incubator & Vendor Market project utilizes recycled shipping containers to transform vacant property into burgeoning neighborhood hubs hosting below market rate storefronts and artist studios.

NEEDS: $0 of 7,185

Youth Culinary Classes & Equipment

Allergic to Salad has a base of educators and schools sites. Thru funding of this campaign we will fully donate Culinary Kits to partner sites in the HNC, while offering donated kits + affordable classes to new partners!

NEEDS: $0 of 1,693 + Volunteers
This fire in downtown Moberly has deprived the community of one of its most historic buildings.

Main Street Moberly Legacy Park

We will use community members' efforts, donated building materials and supplies, and local expertise to create a beatiful, useable gathering space for historic downtown Moberly.

NEEDS: $0 of 1,960 + Volunteers
East Lake Logo Wall

East Lake Station Courtyard

East Lake is creating a community gathering space in its image - Vibrant, Eclectic and Inclusive - and we need your help!

NEEDS: $0 of 846
Picture of the old wall that is unsound.

I Heart Heflin Music Park Mural

The I Heart Heflin Music Park Mural will create an interactive area to welcome citzens and visitors to this new gathering space in the central Main Street area known as I Heart Heflin Music Park.

NEEDS: $0 of 9,050
Spread Awareness for Sickle Cell Disease

Benefit Concert for Sickle Cell Disease Awareness

Morrisania Band Project is hosting a concert to spread awareness in June 2017, in partnership with Queens Sickle Cell Advocacy Network. The goal is to contribute to a culture of health in Morrisania.

NEEDS: $0 of 4,000 + Volunteers

Bellevue Middle Garden

Garden and picnic tables for the Bellevue middle school campus.

NEEDS: $0 of 3,061 + Volunteers
delivery from the farm fresh vegetables


The executive board along with our residents will be part of this project. Each will develop personal goal for the project and strive to meet them. The goal is to feed a multitude of people.


NEEDS: $350 of 1,000
Image of a possible exterior paint scheme for the Fabrication Studios.

Operation Phoenix Rising

Enriching the Uptown Butte community with greater access to interdisciplinary education, sustainable food resources, small business incubation & public art production.

NEEDS: $0 of 4,920 + Volunteers

Pop Up Bike Racks

Pop Up Bike Racks can be placed in various locations for community events and for crowds or pop-up events. The racks may be used by the community to promote biking at various events. 


NEEDS: $0 of 3,050
we do this often !!!! LOL

Amplified voices

The goal of the project is for the community to activate their collective power to demand action and positive change, uniting and meeting on a monthly basis they will share information and training .

NEEDS: $0 of 2,768 + Volunteers
Dark storefronts- Meridian Street

Light Up New London!

"Light up New London!" will create a positive perception of downtown New London by working with store owners and property owners to install LED lights inside storefront windows.

NEEDS: $0 of 3,415 + Volunteers

Bandon's Public Parklet Project

Bandon is already the best city on the coast, but what could make it even better? Parklets!

NEEDS: $0 of 3,125 + Volunteers
Pittsburgh Ultimate Camp Spirit of the Game

Girls Ultimate Frisbee Camp Scholarships

Enable the next generation of female athletes through Camp Spirit of the Game, a week long ultimate frisbee camp for boys and girls ages 7-14. The camp develops sportsmanship, teamwork, and conflict resolution skills.

NEEDS: $0 of 2,210
Lee's Summit Downtown Movie Night

Downtown Movie Nights

Downtown Lee’s Summit is hoping to host 3 outdoor movie nights this summer. The money raised will help purchase the supplies to start the event. We need the community’s help to make movie nights possible!

NEEDS: $0 of 5,185 + Volunteers

Carpenter Art Garden to Mississippi!

This summer the Carpenter Art Garden will be headed to Mississippi! We are traveling by boat to Horn Island and spend 24 hours painting, drawing and studying the wildlife on the island as artist Walter Anderson did. 

NEEDS: $0 of 2,385
Behind Bars in Brooklyn


We will provide adaptive bikes to 4-5 children a year by raising $10,000 in 2017. Every dollar contributed goes toward the cost of buying bikes and spreading the word to enlarge our community of supporters.

NEEDS: $0 of 9,679