DJ Beats for Tomorrow’s Stars

“Empower Cleveland’s youth with ‘DJ Beats for Tomorrow’s Stars,’ fostering creativity and potential careers in music through an after-school summer program.” 

NEEDS: $2,657 of 7,163 + Volunteers
Underground Railroad Trip 2023

Following the Underground Railroad

We are taking our 5th and 6th grade students on an educational experience following the Underground Railroad up to Niagara Falls for  for project based learning opportunities.

NEEDS: $0 of 225 + Volunteers

Dancing Earth's Bay Area Eco Artivism Program

An arts leadership program engaging community using the transformational power of multidisciplinary arts & movement as a means of building collective liberation and care for the Earth and all beings.


NEEDS: $9,654 of 11,364

Deep Resonance Community

Help Trillium expand on its mission to redefine the live music experience to invite connection and build community with your donation today!

NEEDS: $0 of 4,774
Students working together under the guidance of the science and arts professionals within the Renaissance Box residency program.

Renaissance Box Residency Program

Renaissance Box is a city-wide interdisciplinary residency program that brings professionals in the arts and sciences together with high school students for an immersive STEAM experience. 

NEEDS: $16,217 of 17,577

Imagination Lenses

Let's view our city's art districts through camera lenses and our imaginations.

NEEDS: $0 of 5,250 + Volunteers


Culinary tourism guides curated by local chefs.

NEEDS: $11,382 of 12,467 + Volunteers

Money Management Workshop

Effective money management is crucial for achieving financial well-being, reducing financial stress, and building a secure financial future.

NEEDS: $4,121 of 5,561

Girls on the Run Out-of-the-Box Luncheon

GOTR NWA Out-of-the-Box Luncheon is an event that will leave you feeling uplifted & inspired. By attending this event, you are making a positive impact on the lives of young girls in our community

NEEDS: $1,526 of 15,306 + Volunteers
North Collinwood Thundercats

North Collinwood Thundercats Cheerleading!

Support children age 3 - 19 to build confidence and lifelong relationships through competitive cheer! We teach any child with a desire to cheer the skills to join a USASF team and compete in competitions.

NEEDS: $0 of 6,035
Visit to The Amazeum

Plant a Seed of Hope In Our Back Yard

Help sponsor 60 underserved kids to 8 weeks of Summer Camp at the Yvonne Richardson Community Center. Educational field trips, bowling, roller skating, movies and swimming. 

NEEDS: $0 of 16,498


Culture.CLE unites Clevelanders to learn about ethnic foods and our immigrant community through curated dining experiences at immigrant owned/operated restaurants. Fund us to accelerate our social change work.

NEEDS: $5,208 of 5,208

AI versus Artists

Building a platform to help Artists use AI to create digital content and make a living.

NEEDS: $5,383 of 5,398 + Volunteers
Cleveland City Scenes

For the Love Of City Scenes

Photography is a proven mental health art therapy that helps and with your help we can help others.

NEEDS: $8,541 of 8,621 + Volunteers

MayDay PlayDay

Sport, Art, Craft and Play, Flag Football, Volleyball, Flowerbed, Canvas and t-shirt design for youth ages 5 to 14. 


NEEDS: $0 of 1,600

Nature, Family and Fun!

Nature walks help us reconnect with nature, uplifting our strength mentally, physically, and emotionally. Doing this with your child creates memories and traditions your family will always remember.

NEEDS: $0 of 3,300

Loves Memory Garden Project

Loves Memory Garden will be formed in an artistic way in order to honor lost loved ones. Edible garden and lessons on gardening as well as specific memorial painted rock garden

NEEDS: $0 of 3,024 + Volunteers

Queen City Korfball

Be on our starting team at Queen City Korfball where we generate transformational impact for Greater Cincinnati area youth through the co-ed sport of korfball, skill-building, and cross-cultural connections.  

NEEDS: $12,470 of 12,500 + Volunteers
Cleveland Soapbox Project

Cleveland Soap Box

Fuel Cleveland’s youth empowerment with the Soap Box Project—an after-school initiative fostering self-expression and growth culminating in a transformative Soap Box competition. 💬🌟 #YouthEmpowerment 

NEEDS: $0 of 1,780 + Volunteers

Lorain with Littles

Please help us to become an official non-profit organization, as we continue to grow we would love to keep offering our current programming and so much more, we feel as if we could benefit Lorain County...

NEEDS: $0 of 1,136

Bicycle Street Sweeper

The Memphis Hightailers would like to get four Bicycle Street Sweepers.   Our goal is to have our membership check these out to be able to sweep the bike lanes while getting a ride in.

NEEDS: $12,217 of 12,917
A vierw of the interior of the PCDC space, looking through the window from the exterior.

PCDC 2024 Workshop Campaign

Can we raise $2,024 by 2024? Help grow PCDC's impact by contributing to our first campaign. Together we can begin creating a downtown workshop to make our sidewalks, plazas, and parks even better.

NEEDS: $1,686 of 2,024 + Volunteers
The Circle Keepers presenting a restorative justice workshop at SXSWEdu 2023

The Circle Keepers' 2024 Peace & Justice Conference!

This youth led event will feature workshops, performances & research opportunities for NYC youth ages 11-21 interested in restorative justice, peace and community building.



NEEDS: $10,264 of 11,364 + Volunteers

7th Annual Hat & Scarf Giveaway

Experience the magic of our December 2023 event, inspired by art and creativity! Join us as we honor of Smiles for Smiley Foundation.

NEEDS: $0 of 2,160 + Volunteers

Raising Hands

Raising Hands,Buliding lives. A non-Profit decicated to bettering the lives of youth and young adults.

NEEDS: $113,636 of 113,636 + Volunteers
Four teens standing close together and posing.

Youth Advocacy Council

Uplifting and expanding youth leadership in New York City’s restorative justice movement


NEEDS: $0 of 14,752 + Volunteers
Site Plan for Shelter the People Cleveland

Building Capacity for Change

Our sustainable housing solution in Slavic Village starts with 3 affordable single-family homes with supportive services, resources and the opportunity for families to gain ownership within 3 years.

NEEDS: $51,383 of 52,083 + Volunteers
Molly & Memory


Living on the Moon merges theater and education offering hope to individuals with mild to severe cognitive impairment and their family members. Why give in when you can fight back?

NEEDS: $0 of 7,415 + Volunteers

The Gluszek Food Drive

The Gluszek Food Drive began in 2017 as a small food drive. Now over the past 6 years we have raised over 60,000 lbs of food for the local community! 

NEEDS: $3,882 of 5,682

Clean Dirt For Highbridge Bike Park 2024

Help rebuild NYC's premiere dirt-terrain park into a world-class riding facility with a smooth, low maintenance riding surface, and more features, terrain, and progression than ever before!

NEEDS: $0 of 30,612 + Volunteers