Revolutionizing Remembrance: Your Loved Ones, Immortalized in Community Spaces.

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A table spread with various food ingredients

Let's Invite Everyone to Thanksgiving Dinner

We need your help to provide 500 families experiencing food insecurity with all the fanfare to celebrate Thanksgiving. We believe everyone should be invited to the table to enjoy a wonderful meal.   

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A Great Day in Brooklyn

A Great Day in Brooklyn brings together creatives and thought leaders of color with a common goal of building sustainable futures in their communities. 

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Youth Council

The healing session is an empowering & transformative initiative bringing together community healers and Solidarity Economy Youth Council members to foster healing and resilience in their community.

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Strengthening Resilient Black Mothers: Join Us in Funding Legal Battles and Offering Emotional Aid

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Pumpkin Patch Party

U-Pick Pumpkins, Hot Cider, Doughnuts, activities/games and more right in Detroit!

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The Giving Trees

A park that feeds our community: mind, body, and soul, by combining food access with “food for thought” dedicating each fruit tree to a person in our community and telling their stories. 

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The Detroit Strawbale Revolution

We are reimagining how Detroiters live in the city by educating, training and empowering residents to build with their own hands using locally harvested materials in order to nurture interdependence and sovereignty.

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Santa Cruz Fashion Week

We are bringing fashion and celebration to our community, which helps fund bipoc & queer artists.

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Kids Music Education classes!

6-week music education classes targeting children aged 0-5 years old to support music literacy, enhance creativity, and foster socialization. 


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Solar Juke: Music and Storytelling Off-Grid

Solar Juke is a garden party and sound performance that uses Whoop House - a completely solar-powered sound sculpture - as a musical instrument to uplift environmental themes within African diasporan music.

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Art Fest

Community Love & Arts Fest

Come help us celebrate our community love and arts fest as we unite our neighborhood through music love and art by the people who live in our community.


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Zenshine Community Garden

A serene garden space where you can nourish your mind, body, and spirit through nature's gifts.

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K-9 For My Classroom

Therapy dog for a Lorain City Schools elementary building

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Off Da Block Logo

Off Da Block: Creating Global Citizens

Off Da Block is an educational travel program designed to give middle school students the confidence to be able to explore the world not only known to them but the world unknown to them. 

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STooPS Bed Stuy

Join us in celebrating art as a cultural asset and making it available to anyone who is interested!

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Sound therapy at the farm

Harvest To Heal Phase 2

Workin' Roots is an urban community farm working to heal the intergenerational trauma in the BIPOC community surrounding farming, land stewardship and food insecurity.

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Community Cares Baby Shower

Bringing our community together, one baby at a time.


Create a supportive environment for families, celebrate the miracle of new life, build a stronger, more connected community.

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Westwood walks 2023

Graduation is important, and hurdles shouldn’t stop our community's youth from walking at graduation. Often times those hurdles can be financial, and we can change this with your help!

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Digital technology helps create powerful content!


Please donate to help Reroot Pontiac create more digital content, for online and on-site purposes, that will draw more attention to the awesomeness of the natural world through interactive environments!

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Portraits of Military figures of Lorain County: an effort to capture a small visual collection for a memorial salute to Military Veterans of our day

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Alter Botanical Garden

Working to improve the quality of life for people and pollinators by creating the Alter Rd. Botanical Garden

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Gaby D'Alessandro's 2016 illustration of Olmsted for The Atlantic

Keep Frederick Law Olmsted Alive on Staten Island !

We will offer free events for children and adults and  will commission a portrait of Olmsted as he may have appeared in the years he lived at Tosomock. Keep Olmsted alive on Staten Island!

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ASPCA at BXPets Day

2nd Annual BXPets Day

Tails will be wagging in Franz Sigel Park as Friends of 4 Parks hosts its 2nd annual BXPets Day. Join us for a FREE afternoon of games, exploration, information, and so much more! 

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Paxico Historic District Buildings

Paxico History Murals

We are embracing our diverse history, invigorating our present, while growing into our future with murals leveraging the treasures our forefathers entrusted to us. 

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BxArts Factory Block pARTy Live Painting

BxArts Factory's Block pARTy

Help us bring the BxArts Factory Block pARTy to the South Bronx! It will be a day filled with fun activities, including live art, music, poetry and much more for the whole family! 

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grow The Joy Project

More than a community garden, not exactly a farm theJOYproject is a Living Archive of Afro-Atlantic Agriculture and Foodways. Help us expand our programming and grow our campus.

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Champions of the Lost Causes podcast summer road trip

Champions of the Lost Causes podcast host Marvin Stockwell, his daughter V, and his son Cormac will crisscross America for 5 weeks this summer to document stories of people changing the world by championing causes.

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Walk with Amal and Queen GreenFeen

Queen GreenFeen Teaches Compost Education Through Hip Hop

Costume character, uses Hip Hop in interactive ways to promote and encourage participation in NYC Organics Recycling, test residents' knowledge and teach communities about sustainability through waste diversion.

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