Air pollution along Pittsburgh's transportation corridors

Family Fan Filters

We are activating DIY tactics to empower and educate Pittsburghers to clean our indoor air quality. 

NEEDS: $4,895 of 4,895

Hilltop Lots of Opportunity

We believe in protecting our neighbors' health and so we are removing lead from our neighborhood.

NEEDS: $10,335 of 10,335

Ezekiel Transportation

We are investing in sustainable transportation for service to whole family wellbeing through our mentoring programs.

NEEDS: $9,835 of 10,335
revitalization Pittsburgh cooperative business equality inclusive

Think Outside the Boss!

"C-School": An immersive community workshop series to explore, organize, and launch cooperative businesses. Speakers and training to get you ready and confident to start your own worker-owned business.

NEEDS: $8,625 of 8,675 + Volunteers

Youth Invested In Music (YIIM)

YIIM is designed to give youth a safe and healthy outlet by a way of music. YIIM plans to reach all children in communities who are in need for more positivity, guidance, and mentorship.

NEEDS: $2,290 of 2,400