Highland Clubhouse

Turning an abandoned house into welcoming community space for all in Niagara Falls!

NEEDS: $0 of 13,684 + Volunteers

Highland Clubhouse

Community space to create a healthier Highland neighborhood

NEEDS: $0 of 9,800 + Volunteers

Pop-Up Park NF!

The Pop-Up Park NF! series are hands-on educational events where youth are encouraged to use creativity and imagination to build, create, and play.

NEEDS: $0 of 2,245 + Volunteers
Healthy training

Niagara Falls Track & Field Club Fundraiser

The program is made up of volunteers who are interested in providing a safe and healthy activities for the residents on Niagara County. Funds are needed to provide bus transportation to area track meets.

NEEDS: $0 of 650 + Volunteers

Project Green Space

Project Green Space will host multiple community cleanups and educate the community about healthy choices through a community garden. We will plant fruits and vegetables that will be available to the community.

NEEDS: $0 of 582 + Volunteers
Community Garden

Community Clean Up (C.C.UP)

It will be a community garden and educational space run by the neighborhood to better Niagara Falls!

NEEDS: $0 of 840 + Volunteers
Tuesday Turn Up

Turn It Up Tuesdays

We would like to have family oriented line dancing in the park on a biweekly basis. HCRC and its members will canvas our service area  encouraging and promoting excercise for the families.

NEEDS: $0 of 660 + Volunteers