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the project


Community Impact the social enterprise presents Youth Impact Recycle, the ReUp Movement. Recycling for the purpose of Youth workforce development, arts and education. STEM driven with the focus of elevating NorthEast Cleveland to a higher standard of health and sustainable living through which we build, develop and evolve the community. Our aim is to inspire, enable and empower the youth to use their critical thinking abilities to build and create. Taking The Lead To Run The Future!

    The youth need more in depth opportunities that will leverage their school curriculum with first hand experience in sustainable business and engineering  (STEM). So that’s what we’re doing, providing youth with quality information pertaining to sustainable business in order to create, develop and manifest a new generation of profound engineers and entrepreneurs. By doing so the youth will be able to showcase their independence and critical thinking abilities in a positive light. The youth are our future, to invest in them is to invest in yourself!


the steps


How to grow Youth Impact Recycle: In any business you must grow and expand in order to survive. This is precisely why we will initially be training 14 Youth Impact Agents on the information and statistics in regards to how a recycling company operates analytically. Now that the technical information is understood, we show our Agents how to identify the market, what demographic regions are best, and the proper verbiage in order to gain accounts that will produce consistent revenue for job creation, education and art programming. So in retrospect as their skills grow their position will grow, seeing that they have shown to be proficient in their current position, leading them to be better business men and women ultimately preparing them for a administrative position.

Reason of program: Community Impact is based in East Cleveland where the population is 95% aboriginal. The city of East Cleveland has gradually taken a social and financial plummet over the last 10 years and vitally needs economic development, which seemingly lacks the the resources to produce consistent revenue to rebuild itself. To add the masses of the youth in the city lack the resources to build, develop and create business to correct these social and economic defaults. Nevertheless Our Youth Impact Recycle program is certainly the most sustainable solution that will enhance the Youth’s abilities in preparation of profound success, yet produce the funds needed to advance them further while demonstrating a functional community unit working diligently to complete a common objective of economic independence and sustainable living in every dynamic.

Youth Impact Recycle Center Operations

  • 4 truck Drivers x2 assts.

  • 1 Rout manager for truck drivers

  • 2 Baler operators

  • 1 supervisor

  • 2 runners

  • 2 Tow Motor operators

  • 2 Electric Jack operators

  • 14 Youth Impact Field Agents

Total jobs created 28  

Impact Recycle Supervisor-  Will manage and  organize upkeep of facility while attentively sustaining order over pick up and drop off operations of recyclables within the center. The supervisor will also be responsible for order of operations in regards to the placement of cardboard, paper,plastic glass and metals such as aluminum.

CDL truck Drivers- Our Drivers will be initially operating a rout going both west and east down Euclid avenue for pick up of all Recyclables at local establishments that correspond with our Recycling program

Drivers asst.- Our driving asst will be responsible for aiding our drivers in regards to loading and unloading of recyclables to & from the truck.

Rout Manager- Our Route manager will be responsible for aiding our truck drivers through traffic while keeping in mind time efficiency and road conditions.

Baling  Operators- Our balers will be proficient at operating the bailers and baling the recyclables properly by the ton. To add they will maintain a clean workstation and organize time efficiently to bale recyclables within our center while keeping production active.

Recycling Runners- Our recycling runners will be responsible for transporting all (M.S.W) recyclables from the gaylords to the balers.

Tow Motors Drivers- Our tow motor operators will be responsible for unloading our trucks as well as transporting recyclables to be placed into gaylords by the ton.

Electric Jack operators- Our jack operators will rotate between being a strictly runner of recyclables to the baler and compactor as well systematically organizing recycling gaylords to be placed in a specific location of our center in connection to a designated locatocation.

Youth Impact Field Agents- Our Youth impact agents will be trained and equipped with the valuable information of how to network and expand business within the recycling industry based on analyzing the market and verbally presenting a solid pitch in which state our purpose. Once in agreement that entity,company or business account will be given a slip that authorize the pick up operations from our youth agents in a systematic format.

Final steps

  • Purchase x10 dumpsters

  • Purchase x2 internatinal Box trucks with 1ton Lift gate

  • Set up fully functional recycling center 

  • Teach Recycling business curriculum to Youth Impact Agents

  • Take 28 Youth through an 8 week training Course in regards to there spcefic positions

  • Collect and process 250 tons of recycled goods over the summer of 2018

  • Fund & Faclitate youth development programs in arts, education, and workforce development (fall/winter) of 2018

  • Hire 28 youth for the next cohort in 2018 

  • Teach recycling to the youth of the community and within High school settings (fall/winter) of 2018


why we're doing it

 In 2014 a total of 13% of (msw) municipal solid waste was recycled leaving 87% to be sent landfills. Just by producing plastic with recycled plastic 66% of energy can be saved along with two thousand gallons of gas used from transportation cost to create new plastic. Every year Americans use approximately 2.5 millions bottles in which most are thrown away. Now opposed to these recyclables being trashed let’s utilize them to glorify the youth within sustainable skills and business that will revitalize the community and inspire a higher qaulity of living. 

 With the technical knowledge and resources to be prosperous in business and life, imagine what our youth will accomplish here. Help us propell the youth to advance past the social ills caused by today's failing economy and education system. Youth Impact Recycle will provide job training and resources to the youth to activate their minds in order to build&create business while propelling them forward to reach their full potential!



2,150 (for marketing)


30,000 (purchase 40 yard front loader dump truck)


12,000 (for Bailer)


12,500 (10 dumpsters + delivery)







Subtotal =


ioby Platform Fee 


ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%)


ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)


Total to raise =




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