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The future is the greatest gift we have to offer the generations to come. Our purpose is to provide an environment that promotes the youth's spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical well-being and development. Only with a holistic sense of well-being can one confidently participate and learn the skills necessary to contribute to the creation and elevation of our society. We provide a safe healing and learning space to develop those social and emotional components and put them to use in exercises and experiences that are relevant and valuable for their personal development.

Our approach is to combine the Social and Emotional Learning Curriculum with Entrepreneurship and, eventually, STEM activities to stimulate our kids' left and right brains. We host weekly sessions that focus on exposing new information to our kids and putting that information to use in an appropriate and fun environment. These activities promote holistic self-care and well-being while also building relevant skills, traits, and characteristics they can contribute to their communities and the world. 

Our efforts culminate in a 15-week curriculum that initially focuses on Social and Emotional Learning activities and exercises and then transitions into Entrepreneurship activities. These activities provide opportunities to strengthen the social and emotional learning components while also creating relevant environments to develop critical thinking, problem-solving and team collaboration skills.


the steps

Secure Long Term Location: July 2022

Purchase Transport Van & Licenses: July 2022

Secure Supplies and Materials for Cohort II: July 2022

Make 2022/2023 Program Part-Time Hires


why we're doing it

YEP has an initial curriculum focused on Social and Emotional Learning. By utilizing the IRC Framework, developed by The International Rescue Committee, we have developed a curriculum for children experiencing threatening or traumatizing situations. We provide them with resources to help them learn, grow and advance essential skills in a safe environment. With the disruption in education, social life, and overall safety and well-being that the COVID19 pandemic has generated, we believe this curriculum is more relevant now than ever. 

YEP uses the IRC framework to create environments, experiences, and exercises in a safe healing and learning space. The curriculum focuses on enhancing brain-building functions, emotional regulation, positive social skills and life experiences, conflict resolution, perseverance, and mindfulness. 

There are now two distinct eras that the current generations of the world have experienced. Dominating the pre-pandemic era was physical labor and experiences that crafted unique, intimate social settings and interactions. Now facilitation of social experiences and services are primarily through digital mediums and platforms in the post-pandemic era. 

This increased exposure to technology has already had a significant impact on the minds of budding and developing generations. On a constructive side, developing generations can access diverse knowledge, rapidly create complex solutions and expand their networks in ways unlike ever before. This information overload can create mental and physical environments that promote stress and anxiety on the detrimental side. 

Today people have much more information to process, less time to do it, and little guidance on doing so. This can make it challenging to process one’s mental, physical, or emotional state. We aim to curate a space that teaches and promotes holistic life skills necessary to thrive in rapidly developing environments. These skills focus on developing individuals and groups to effectively process the amount of internal and external stimulation they experience daily.

Our goal is to increase their intuitive skills and confidence to navigate the decision-making process in a rapidly developing environment. It is evident that all of us have new challenges, opportunities, and experiences ahead; however, the budding generations have a dualistic challenge of developing themselves in a world that is also under redevelopment. By empowering the youth with skills that enhance their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual awareness and aptitude, we believe that they will have the skills necessary to thrive in the developing world and create the solutions required to enhance our planet further sustainably.



TOTAL RAISED = $13,300.00
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $665.00
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $343.50


Labor - $1,960

Food - $2,940

Rent- $1,470

Materials & Supplies - $4,410

Admin Fees - $1,470



Labor - $8,000

Food - $12,000

Rent - $6,000

Materials & Supplies - $18,000

Admin Fees - $6,000

ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $2,714
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
(Donation processing fee does not apply to match funding.)
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