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the project

Cooking is a valuable life skill known to increase math skills, build self esteem, and much more! The Allergic to Salad curriculum is STEM based and seasonally inspired. Students learn about nutritional value and the importance of eating healthy in a hands on setting.


P.S. 21/Crispus Attucks School in Bed Sty wants to offer our culinary program to all of their third grade students as part of a school wide wellness initiative. We can make this possible through partnerships with restaurants in the neighborhood.


Neighborhood restaurants will serve as the base of our funding. Each restaurant partner will offer a Master Chef's class FREE OF CHARGE to one of the school's third grade classes. The dish inspired by our students will then appear on the restaurant's menu for up to a month following the class, with proceeds returning to fund our ongoing, in school program. We will hold a class and fundraiser at one restaurant per month until we reach our goal!

the steps

Once we have achieved our fundraising goals, Allergic to Salad will purchase equipment for the school and kick off an ongoing program of culinary classes for the spring semester, led by a trained ATS educator.

These classes will:

  • Be offered to all third graders once a week.

  • Serve a total of 96 students.

  • Focus on healthy and seasonall based eating.

  • Introduce nutrition, including caloric intake and reading labels.

All students will

  • Develop motor skills and recipe literacy.

  • Learn about nutritional value and seasonal eating in a hands on setting.

  • Share these skills with siblings, parents and faculty through an annual family cook night.

Allergic to Salad will continue to work with the school and local restaurants to create a sustainable, ongoing, in school program for Crispus Attucks.


why we're doing it

A quarter of the population in Bedford-Stuyvesant is under seventeen. Empowering the youth among us is the key to creating a sustainable future for everyone. Our access to fresh produce and food supplies lags behind the Brooklyn average. Rates of obesity and diabetes, both diet-related preventable diseases are higher than in New York City at large.

We can address these health challenges by educating youth about the empowering possibilities of a healthy diet. Allergic to Salad provides engaging and hands on culinary education to youth in local schools, in partnership with local restaurants. This program strengthens community bonds and empowers youth to make healthy choices and take charge of their own futures!




Cost Per Class:

Educator + Ingredients - $80

Curriculum - $5

Admin - $8

Program Officer - $8

Partnerships Manager-$8

Media/ Postcards - $6

Cookbooks - $5


Cost for a weekly class for two semesters/30 weeks=$3600


One Time Program Expenses:

$400 for one Family Cook Night at the end of the program

$400 for one Culinary Kit (schools keep)

  • - 16 cutting boards
  • - 20 chef knives
  • - 4 mix bowls
  • - 4 measuring cups/ spoons
  • - 4 mixing spoons
  • - 2 spatula  
  • - 4 box graters 
  • - 4 hand powered blender   
  • - 2 hot plate
  • - 2 folding trolley
  • - extension cord

P.S. 21/Crispus Attucks would like to offer cooking lessons for their four third grade classes. So our total budget is $15,200


SUBTOTAL = $16,000
ioby Platform Fee $35
Donation Processing Fee of 3%  $480
TOTAL TO RAISE = $16,515

Disbursed Budget:

Chef master class offered to Crispus Attucks students: $160
$50 cost of educator
$100 media and photographer
$10 curriculum development

$400 for one Culinary Kit for a school in need (schools keep)
- 16 cutting boards
- 20 chef knives
- 4 mix bowls
- 4 measuring cups/ spoons
- 4 mixing spoons
- 2 spatula
- 4 box graters
- 4 hand powered blender
- 2 hot plate
- 2 folding trolley
- extension cord

RAISED = $579.00
less ioby Platform Fee  waived
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $16.86



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