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the project

This project aims to work with young adults (ages 13-18) in the city of Pittsburgh neighborhood of Marshall-Shadeland. It is a continuation of an effort started in June of 2016, where 10 local youth engaged in a curriculum to facilitate understandings around youth criminal justice, social and economic justice, the role of individuals and the community in bringing about change, as well as the importance of communication, activism, volunteering and participation. The program will offer positive learning experiences and activities to guide and protect their future, and build the next generation of leaders.


the steps

Design curriculum around career exploration, life skills, financial literacy, leadership training, exposure to the arts, volunteer activities aimed at building self-esteem and goal setting. Violence prevention experts recommend community engagement events that work getting to know their neighbors and themselves.

Identify partners, schools, local leaders, elected officials, public safety officers

Recruit participants: Information sessions, run an ad in the local paper, FaceBook Ad & other social media sites to recruit interested teens.

why we're doing it

At the center of this project is the need to reduce crime and violence in our community. The number of violent crimes in Marshall Shadeland has reached epidemic levels, with at least a dozen shootings over the past 6 months, half fatal. This increase in violence, coupled with a lack of resources and a 29% poverty rate, is why the Brightwood Civic Group is organizing teen programming.


Additionally, teen programming was identified as a high priority in the Buhl Foundation’s 2015 Community Census.  The challenge is to actively engage teenagers in their community, while at the same time building skills, character and a greater understanding of the issues that they face. Especially challenging is preventative intervention:  keeping young offenders from getting into or scarred by the juvenile court system.


We believe that involving teenagers in group interactions that increase their self-esteem, teach them better methods of communication, and improve their decision-making skills, will help to secure their future. Ultimately, the lessons provided through positive community support, with help them understand and deconstruct the issues of violence when they face them in society and in the community. 


Distributed Budget:

Revenues Amount Contributed Income ioby Fundraising Campaign $ 2,310

Subtotal Contributed Income $ 2,310

In Kind Support In-Kind Supporter PFSC $ 500

In-Kind Supporter Library $ 500

Subtotal In-Kind Support $ 1,000

Total Revenues $ 3,310 Expenses

Amount Administrative Expenses Staff/Consultants 600

Programming 0 Marketing Expenses 0 Facility Expenses 1,000

Lunch for participants 210

Youth Stipends 1,500

Total Expenses 3,310

RAISED = $2,310.00
 less ioby Platform Fee (covered by sprout) $35.00
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) (Sprout) $66.26

Original Budget:

Administrative = $2,000

Programming = $800

Marketing = $600

Facility = $500

Lunch = $400

Travel = $200

Youth Stipend = $2500

Updated Budget:

SUBTOTAL = 5,000
ioby Platform Fee (covered by Sprout) $35

ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) (Sprout)




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