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the project

New Energy Economy (NEE) is asking you to help us address climate change by funding our Sol not Coal Youth Activist Project. By reaching our goal of $3,000 we can train and pay two summer interns to raise money, awareness, and community support for a transition to clean energy.

Sol not Coal is a campaign to actualize longstanding community values to bring brighter possibilities for the health, prosperity and sustainability of Santa Fe. Currently 65% of Santa Fe’s energy needs are met by the combustion of coal, with adverse affects to our economy, environment and health. We know that replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy is an essential step to a healthy and sustainable Santa Fe.

Within this campaign we will implement a community scale solar electric power system for Santa Fe Fire Station #3. The project will showcase two solar applications: solar panels that will be mounted on the roof and 3 twelve module solar trackers (that, like a “sunflower,” follows the trajectory of the sun). The community scale solar electric power installation will use locally manufactured solar panels, and will employ locally trained installers.

the steps

During the months of July and August, two young activists will be educated on the devastating impacts of climate change and what can be done to stop and/or reverse the process. During these months the interns will also be trained in advocacy and community organizing skills. Then they will be mobilized to educate and activate the public in order to facilitate the Sol not Coal campaign.

why we're doing it

Greenhouse gases produced by the burning of fossil fuels are responsible for and/or contribute greatly to a multitude of devastating effects on the planet and all creatures that inhabit it. Effects on human health are increased asthma attacks, heart attacks, and even early death. The health of the environment also suffers as greenhouse gases combine to create acid rain, smog, regional haze and much more. The Sol not Coal campaign and the Young Activists Project address this challenge by working to replace electricity produced by dirty polluting coal plants with clean renewable energy.


2 stipends (one for each young activist) = $3000

Third party credit card processing = $90

ioby materials and labor = $35

Total to raise = $3125


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