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the project

Our yoga in the park program promotes healthy lifestyles, builds community and fosters appreciation of our area parks.  These weekly yoga sessions introduce the community to the concepts and physical and mental benefits of yoga and movement and will help promote improved health outcomes to members of the community in the South Bronx.

There are many medical benefits of yoga. It has been shown to lessen chronic pain, lower blood pressure and reduce insomnia. Yoga is also helpful with improving respiration, energy and vitality, cardio and circulatory health, and athletic performance.  It provides increased flexibility, muscle strength and tone and protection from injuries, and it helps maintain a balanced metabolism.

Yoga also offers mental health benefits as well.  It helps people manage the harmful effects of stress on the body and mind.  The meditation and breathing elements of yoga can assist with relieving chronic stress patterns, relaxing the mind, sharpening concentration and increasing body awareness. Body- and self-awareness are beneficial because they help with early detection of physical problems and allow for early preventative action.  Yoga also can help people develop coping skills and reaching a more positive outlook on life.

the steps

We have lined up four experienced yoga instructors who lead our yoga sessions on alternating Saturdays.  At this point, we simply need of additional funding to continue the program.  Without additional funding, we'll have to wind up our weekly yoga sessions before the end of the season.

why we're doing it

We developed the yoga-in-the park program to bring the benefits of yoga to our community.  Private yoga sessions can pose a financial barrier to many members of our South Bronx neighborhood, and many who are not familiar with yoga may simply think it's not for them.  This program will go a long way torward removing barriers to yoga and encouraging residents to give it a try.  Our outdoor yoga sessions bring together a broad spectrum of the community,and help everyone focus on healthy living and the beauty of the parks.


Yoga Instructors:  $1500

Yoga equipment: $500

Promotional Materials $500


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