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the project

Youth Executive Leadership Program (YELP) was founded by Tanya Manocha and Rachel Georgian who are 2 juniors from Cypress Woods High School. It all started when I, Tanya,  was in middle school and became obsessed with watching Shark Tank.  The show motivated me to follow business that were bought by the Sharks and I would check periodically to see the company's general profitability and growth. I was also interested in real estate and general market trends at a very young age.  This all led me to believe that as soon as I reached high school, I would be able to expand on that knowledge. But to my disappointment, that was not the case. There were not many business-focused classes AND education outside the school was minimum.  Having self-taught myself concepts of economics, I felt there was a need in the community to educate kids like myself to develop early entrepreneurship and leadership skills. I wanted to tap on the creative genius of a growing mind. I partnered with Rachel and formed Youth Executive Leadership Program. 

We have been partnering with schools in order to hold workshops. We realized that in order to affect the whole population of Houston, we must hold a conference that is accessible to all underrepresented students. We, however, noticed that there were no teen girl empowerment conferences in Houston. That's when we decided to host an all female empowerment conference in order to inspire the next generation of female CEOs. We wanted to start an initiative that taps into the minds of middle and high school females in order to understand and accept different perspectives, and create a strong coalition of future female entrepreneurs. We hope that the YELPCon can inspire females to become our next generation leaders and lead the world. In order to allow for this workshop to be accessible to all females, I, Tanya,  and Rachel have decided they would like to make this a cost free initiative, however we need your help! With your donation, we will be able to fund 40 females to attend the first student run Girls Empowerment Conference in Houston, and learn from the best female entrepreneurs in Houston.


the steps

The Youth Executive Leadership Program team will begin by securing the venue space. We would like to book the venue by July 1st in order to secure their spot. We have chosen Sesh Coworking as their venue, as it is an all female coworking space, which aligns with their mission for this event. By the end of July we would like to have found and booked their speakers for the event. We would like to get female entrepreneurs and professors as they have a large amount of experience in leadership and public speaking. By August, we would like to find sponsors to donate supplies such as notebooks for students to use and write notes when listening to speakers. By August, we would also like to have finalized the design for the stickers, lanyards, and themes. By August end we would like to open the application process for students and begin marketing their event. By September we would like to order all the materials that will be needed for the event. By October we would like to close the application and begin choosing their students. We would also like to have their powerpoints done for the event. We would like to purchase their speaker gifts in November as well as the snacks for the event. We plan on hosting the event on November 21,2020.


why we're doing it

We are hosting YELPCon- A Girls Empowerment Conference for Entrepreneurship and Leadership, because we see a need in tour community to motivate our next generation females. At school we have noticed that many females choose not to engage in entrepreneurship activities. Additionally in the world many females find it hard to start businesses as they are not taken seriously. We would like to solve this issue by introducing leadership skills to girls early on in order to hopefully inspire them to not be afraid to pursue their passion and run a business. The mission at Youth Executive Leadership Program is to help underrepresented students become strong leaders of the future, and we believe that organizing this workshop would allow an underrepresented group, females, to gain useful skills and break the gender barrier. 



Venue- $237

Lanyards, Stickers, Notebooks and Pens- $130

Materials (Cardstock, Markers, Poster Paper)- $15

Banners, Event Setup- $85

Speakers- $60

Snacks- $30

Tablet for raffle- $50

ioby Platform Fee waived
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $33
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $20


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