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the project

Our vision at YEAP isn't one of the norm. When it comes to our youth, we are more than aware of the lack of resources they have accessible to them here in Sacramento. Due to the lack of resources , many of the youth here in our urban communities are becoming susceptible to all sorts of harsh realities, such as ; violence, crime , drug abuse , misguidance etc. The purpose of us raising funds for YEAP is so that we can ensure that we have all the necessary equipment , supplies and transportation means for our youth to prosper adequately while in the program. We'll need a a couple vans to transport the youth from school to our facility, we'll also need arts and crafts supplies , school supplies for our tutoring sessions , engineering equipment for our students enrolling in our music class etc.


the steps

Our primary investment will definitely be a nice sized van to ensure that we'll have the proper transportation to get our youth from school to our facility.

We'll also be sure to grab all of our equipment and essential supplies immediatley, due to the fact that'll be the one of the main components to the program.

why we're doing it

The overall goal that we have with YEAP is to decrease the high volume of our youth being induced into gang culture , violent lifestyles , drug abuse , dropping out of school etc. We pride ourselves on making sure our facility has every component necessary to positively evolve each and every youth mentally , physically and spiritually. We'll be providing different mentors that provide guided structure , teaching the importance of health awareness , financial literacy classes and even our extracurricular programs which include a numerous amount of options for them to choose from. Such as ; music production and engineering, sports , chess clubs etc. 


Transportation Van - $8,000

Extracurricular Equipment - $6500

Academic Supplies- $3000

Food/Beverages- $2500


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