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Kaitlin C
143 Stockholm Street
Brooklyn (Bushwick)
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the project

143 Stockholm Street is a NYPD owned property that has been vacant for over 20 years. Now, our community has organized through 596 Acres to lobby for permission to use the 50 by 100 foot lot for agricultural activities. 2012 will be year one for Xquizit Greens at 143 Stockholm, a people's garden and green arts space.

Xquizit Greens is committed to serving Bushwick through Empowerment, Education and Enrichment of Urban Space by:

- Keeping initial project costs low and upcycling salvaged materials
- Building soil through composting initiatives with local residents and restaurants
- Maintaining designated communal beds with partner youth groups and service organizations
- Distributing harvests to the community free of cost on given pick-up days
- Hosting workshops and skill shares

the steps

In February we will safely dispose of hazardous debris and begin composting. By March we'll level the lot with clean fill and cap contaminated soil with untreated wood chips. By the end of the month we will have our raised beds and garden shed constructed from repurposed materials. Help us meet our financial goal in order to start planting this Spring! We hope to begin our first weekly harvests and free distributions of fresh, organic produce in May 2012.

why we're doing it

84% of food stores in Bushwick are bodegas, which rarely carry selections of nutrient rich fresh fruit and vegetables. We're answering this scarcity of affordable, local organic produce by cultivating a new generation of emboldened urban gardeners.


shovels 2 x $62.06 (Ace Hardware)
square shovel 1 x $25.45 (Ace Hardware)
bed prep hard rake 2 x $158 (Johnny's Selected Seeds)
compost fork 2 x $84 (Johnny's Selected Seeds)
pruning/harvest shears (5) $49.75
hack saw 1 X $13.59 (Ace Hardware)
gloves 12 x $25 (Ace Hardware)
eye protection 3 x $6.60 (Ace Hardware)
trowels 5 x $79.75 (Johnny's Selected Seeds)
hand hoes 5 x $79.75 (Johnny's Selected Seeds)
cement $100 (Ace Hardware)
first aid kit 1 x $24.99 (Ace Hardware)
hardware for benches/raised beds $50 (Ace Hardware)
chicken wire $154.99 (Ace Hardware)
tin snippers/ wire cutters 1 x $13.69 (Ace Hardware)
hammers 2 x $60 (Ace Hardware)
watering cans 2 x $59.90 (Johnny's Selected Seeds)
row covers $43.90 (Johnny's Selected Seeds)
wheel barrow $97.99 (Ace Hardware)
cocoa noir $50 (Fedco)
tape measure 2 x $20 (Ace Hardware)
twine 2 x $58 (Johnny's Selected Seeds)
seedling trays $53 (case of 50) (Johnny's Selected Seeds)
2" soil blocker $26.95 (Johnny's Selected Seeds)
3/4" soil blocker $22.45 (Johnny's Selected Seeds)
seeds $200 (Fedco)
hand seeder 3 x $18.25 (Johnny's Selected Seeds)
rain barrel supplies $100 (Ace Hardware)

project total = $1738
ioby fee = $139
total to fundraise = $1877


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