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the project

We are a POC and LGBTQ+ creative team seeking to promote our newest film to the general public. Our film “Wilder Greene” explores and exposes topics of self harm and abuse, which are prevalent in minority communities, such as our own. We believe that the exposure of such stories told in a surrealistic manner can create positive conversations around 'taboo' topics in our community. By taking this film to community centers where the POC and LGBTQ+ community meet, we hope that we can spread the message of self-care and the use of various public mental health programs. 


A short synopsis on the film:
The film follows Wilder Greene as she deals with an unusual abuser. With some help from her friend Igor and a mysterious company, The 50 Ways, she confronts her unusual abuser. 

the steps

  • Securing local venues 
  • Actively marketing the community to join the screenings 
  • Securing Screening equipment 
  • Screening Films
  • Sharing mental health resources 

why we're doing it

POC and LGBTQ+ communities suffer higher levels of self harm and abuse compared to other communities. Coupled with a culture of taboo around mental health, POC and LGBTQ+ communities are less lightly to seek out help. We want to be able to bring a positive conversation regarding mental health issues, and what free public resources exist to help us. 


  • Venue Fee - 1800
  • AV Equipment Rental - 1000
  • AV Equipment Transport Fee - 100
  • Advertising and Marketing Fee - 100
  • Food & Drinks - 300
  • Cast and Crew transportation - 600
  • Film Production Cost  - 2100


ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee 8% $533.33
ioby Donation Processing Fee 4% $133.33
TOTAL TO RAISE $6,666.67
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