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the project

My mission is to help and empower low-income kids and single mothers in Lousiana. The kids that can not afford clothing, food, school supplies, etc. My goal is to help the low-income population in my state as much as possible. This is something I always wanted to do. All this would be a dream come true for me to help all kids that are in need. Hopefully to raise enough funds to build a Women and Children Foundation Center for the needy in Louisiana only women and children. 

the steps

First, purchase some property and building. Get everything setting up with the buliding. After, purchase all the items and supplies for the buildiing. Then, get ready for the grand opening of our foundation center. It will surely bring lots of people in that needs the help around the community.

why we're doing it

This is something I always wanted to do never could because I did not have the funds. Being that I work in a school cafeteria seeing kids come in being hungry. They said did not eat night before. They come in taking the food that we throw away and putting the food in their backpack. Their uniforms are too big or too small and they come inside the cafeteria looking very dirty. I said to myself one day I would love to help women and kids in their time of need. That would be a huge blessed for me to help them. 


Food - $10,000

Clothes - $10,000

School Supples - $10,000

Personal items - $10,000

Accessories - $10,000

Hoilday Gifts - $10,000

Subtotal = $60,000
ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $3,000
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $1,800
Total to raise = $64,835


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