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the project

W3Q will be helping women realize their dreams of being business owners! Our Target demographic is women returning citizens and veterans. I believe is that if we can help them realize their dreams we can reduce the recidivism rate for our returning citizens and also mental illness and suicide which is prominent among veterans. With the money raised we will find that dream from concept to completion / doors open and follow their progress over the next 2 years and help out where possible!

the steps

1. Classes Registration starts July 1st 2021 to July 5, 2021

2. 1st class, Classes start August 5th 2021, introductions and  Brainstorm business concepts 

3. 2nd classes present information/ statistics and demographics in the industry of concept chosen to weigh pros and cons

4. 3rd class Naming our Business, checking state registrar to see if the name has been used or not then making a final decision on the name

5. 4th class, business registration day, obtain Ein,  Articles of incorporation.

6. 5th class, Marketing, Branding and fundraiser

7. 6th class, Logo Development

8. 7th class, merchandising, inventory, & products 

9. 8th class, applied Theory and mock pitching

10. 9th class, concept Day, bring your product/organization/event to life 

11. 10th class, guest Speaker (local Woman entrepreneur)

12. 11th class, Theory

13. 12th Class, determining the best location for your business 

14. 13th class, building your Budgets

15. 14th class, Theory

16.15th class, Grants, Loans and Crowdfunding

17. 16th class, application Grants, Loans, Crowdfunding

18. 17th class, Destress Yoga class! 

19. 18th class, Coping techniques and Stress Relief.

20. 19th class, building our Board /Team 

21. 20th class,  Guest speaker 

22. 21st class, Conflict Resolution

23. 22nd class, interview process/ vetting 

24. 23rd class, tax forms, documents, Publications, correspondence

25. 24th class, Guest Speaker 

26. 25th class, Applied Theory/ Product Presentation/ Launch 

27. 26th class, Business Pitch Contest! 

28. 27th class, it's a party!!! Awards, stipends, and congratulations! Course Completion











why we're doing it

W3Q reason for starting this program is because we want to empower the women in our community! We want them to feel acknowledged, important, loved, and supported in their dreams of becoming entrepreneurs! We chose to work with the underserved in the community and by way of returning citizens and veterans! We know that most people may not be given a chance because of their background and some have traumas that they must get by. W3 care and we are here to help them realize their dreams!



Business registration fees @ 30 x $50= $1,500

501(c)3 registrations @ 5 × $600= $3,000

$500 for classroom materials and printing



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ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
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