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Phase II Update and Photos!

the project

Design Plan for the Winthrop Street Garden:



Winthrop Street Community Garden will consist of 36 raised beds, compost area, a fence, a shed, and a picnic area.  Our goal is to create more opportunities and more garden spaces for our entire community to access and enjoy.  We've also included a dedicated educational area and beds that are wheel chair accessible.  

The Friends of Medford Community Garden would like to raise 10-20% of the total cost to build the Winthrop Street Community Garden from our neighbors through this ioby campaign.

Although most the the funds will come from grants and donations, we feel it is important that the neighborhoods the garden will be serving contribute to the expense of building the garden.  This will ensure long term stewardship for this much anticipated community asset.

the steps

The Winthrop Street Community Garden will be built in four stages, as funds are raised.  

Currently we are building the first set of raised beds from funds already received.

The next three stages are:

1. Build a fence

2. Build remaining beds

3. Add supporting items.

 Each stage will be completed as funds allow.

why we're doing it

Medford has 56,173 residents, but only one community garden at Riverbend Park. It has a long waiting list and cannot accommodate the number of people who desire gardening space. We aim to create more community gardens for the City of Medford so that more people can become involved.

For more information, check out our facebook page:


Disbursed Budget:

RAISED = $2,033.00
 less ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $58.19


First Raised Beds ~$5000
Fence ~$9000
Additional Raised Bed ~$5000
Supporting Item (Path, Wheelchair Accessibility, Compost Station, Shed, Picnic Tables, ect.) ~$12500
TOTAL COST: ~$31500

Goal amount to be raised in our community (5% of this total): $1,575

SUBTOTAL = $1,575
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $47




Phase II Update and Photos!

The Friends of Medford Community Garden would like to thank and honor all those individuals and groups that have already contributed to Phase Two of the Winthrop Street Community Garden. We put in over 800 man hours this past week in building in 16 raised garden beds and a five camber composting system. Two of the raised beds are “Easy Access”, slightly taller and once we have a path be wheelchair accessible.

We/I wanted to say a huge thank you to you and all the Tufts Focus students who helped the community garden these past five days. On a personal note, I had a great time meeting and work with the students. Their volunteerism is inspirational to us all!

Learn more of their work here:

Making the work days far more enjoyable were are in-kind sponsors, stepping up with snacks for the students.

Starbucks of Medford

Donuts with a Difference -!/splash

Demet Donuts -

Magnificent Muffin -

Burgers Bagels of Winchester -

C.B. Scoops -

We/I would also like to take a moment to thanks the residence of Medford that came out and worked beside the students and donated snacks and beverages. It was really nice to show the students how behind the this project the residence are!

Ok, enough talk, now on to the pictures.


Students working on an Easy Access bed


Tim and Students "work" on the composting station


Everyone working on row one and two

The last day, showing off their hard work.


Check out our facebook page for more photos; Medford Community Gardens


Call for Volunteers

The Phase II Build at the Winthrop St Garden is coming up soon!


The goal is to build the compost area and the remaining 20 raised beds, including 2 "easy access" beds, and 2 educational beds


5 days: Friday 8/28 - Tuesday 9/1

9-5 each day

celebration planned for the volunteers at 4pm of the last day


So far we have:

  • 20 Tufts students will come work each day, not necessarily the same group of students 
  • DPW lending tools (6 wheel barrows, 20 shovels - mostly spades, 30 - 5 gallon buckets, 5 metal rakes, 10 cultivators, 30 pairs of gloves(?)) 
  • Muffin donation from Magnificent Muffin
  • Donut donation from Donuts With A Difference
  • Coffee donation from Starbucks
  • Cold drink donation from Cheridan


We need:

  • Adults to do labor
  • Adults to supervise and mentor the Tufts students
  • Adult(s) to set up and run the info & food table, collect signed waivers, take photos!
  • Adult(s) to collect donated food the mornings of from local businesses
  • Teens/adult(s) to babysit/play with little kids
  • Tools: 10 levels, 5 mallets
  • Healthy drinks & snacks. We do have granola bars and packaged fig newtons leftover from Phase 1 build


Please contact me or Brian if you are able to come help! Thanks!

You can also RSVP on Facebook here:


Veggies and Bulbs

Lots happenning at the garden these days.  We just order our second round of concrete blocks.  Twenty Five pallets on three truck, wow.  Thanks to the Tufts Focus group for volunteering to help with the build in a few weeks.  Be sure to check back for some photos.  In the mean time - veggies bursting on to the scene, see below.  While you at it, visit our photos in the transcript: or head over to FlowerPower to buy bulbs and support our cause: .  



The Garden looks great.  I walked around this morning and there were some many wonderful veggies growing.  Someone even had a small pumpkin.  Personally, I got to pick my first yellow squash. Very exciting.  And quite yummy for dinner.  


We also made it official that our opening ceremonies will be at 11:30 AM on Saturday September 26th.  We will coincided with the Mystic River Celebration.  Check out their page.

Garden on 7/16/2015

Thought is would be nice to see the garden in it current state.


Thank you to our donors

Last Cement Block In Place

Yesterday was a great day at the Winthrop Street Community Garden!

Medford parents came out with their sons and daughters and help move soil and finish laying the cement blocks.  We now have 18 constructed raise beds, 10 of which are filled with soil, and 4 that have plants.  Here are some great pictures of the work day.

Here the kids are working hard while the parents are chatting.  The kids got really in to it and filled a fair amount of buckets.  It was fantastic.


Will is placing the last cinder block.  Look at that smile!?  Nothing like being told to lean over, hold 28pds,  and smile for 3 minutes while people take pictures and talk about how exciting it is.






















Finally, bed 3A all nice and planted.  

Good Will to the Grill

Thanks to Whole Foods Maryann and Allison for a great day of Good Will to the Grill. We raise fantastic $$$ for Medford Community Gardens and had a chance to talk to many members of the community.






Medford is growing!

It is hard to believe that nine days ago there was a grassy area and today there are 17.5 raised beds.  While building the beds is only one step in the garden, it's huge.  Even more important then the beds, is the community spirit we have started to build.  Over 50 people volunteered their time, local business donated their services, and dozens of walker byes gave us words of encouragement.

From a personal stand point, it fills me with emotion.  I plan my route just so I can drive by.  I feel pride and have visions of what the garden will become.  There a sense of satisfaction in making something for the community.  Making my home a better place for you, my neighbors, my wife and son, it is uplifting.

Prototype Bed and Delivery Cinder Blocks













On day one, I was worried. We didn't make as much progress as I hoped.  The work was slow going.  There was a lot of training and talking, important, but not visually measurable achievement.  Plus it was hot and dusty, which slowed everything down.  I was pumped that we had almost thirty people volunteers, and got the first beds built.

Shay and Tim Laying Block on Day 1


Beds after Day 1


Day two was rain shortened.  In someways the rain helped a lot.  The dirt was easier to work with.  It was cooler out.  And since everyone new it was a shorter day, energy wasn't tampered.  We worked hard.  And one could really see the beds razing from the ground.

Building Beds Day 2


Robbie cleaning up our work Day 2





















Over the work week break we had some great help.  Some mothers came out a laid blocks.  Sue, Will and I built two more first foundations.  And kids decorated.  The project had gotten into their blood.  We also got our first pile of soil.  It has dried out now, but that first day it felt and smelled wonderful.
Day three was fantastic.  Good weather, great volunteers, and free pizza.  We had some new volunteers, people just learning about the project.  And made huge head way.  Overall it was a great day.  I went home tasting the completion, feeling like we wrap things up for by lunch time on day four.

After Day 3


Day four was harder then expected.  We had some great new volunteers again, and many old faces.  It was hot out, and the dirt dried up quickly making it harder to work with.  The last beds to be built are in the sloped area of the garden.  Which means way more digging and prep work.  We didn't start laying blocks until mid day, and just couldn't quite finish.

For a few moments I was disappointed.  But after taking a step back, looking at all the beds and feeling the potential for the community, it's hard not to get the positive feelings back.  We will built the last bed this week.  Some beds will be filled with dirt this week.  Planting will begin.  Medford is growing!

After Day 4








This is where photos will go once we build flickr integration


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