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Brooklyn (Greenpoint/Williamsburg)
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the project

Composting is an important alternative to garbage export! Our project provides a place for people to drop off their compostable waste (food, paper, plant debris, etc) locally and divert a large portion of their household waste from export. Plus, we make "black gold"!

the steps

Our drop off season doesn't begin until May and so in the meantime we want to do a series of hands-on workshops focused on indoor composting to help our neighbors in Williamsburg, Greenpoint and Bushwick turn their trash into compost in the most DIY ways possible. For every 100$ dollars we raise here, we can provide an indoor vermicomposting bin, a pound of red wiggler worms, and an hour-long session in vermicompost setup and training for local classrooms, offices and kitchens. Help us meet our goal of 10 sessions this winter!

why we're doing it

Currently, New York City waste is trucked around the city and exported for landfill or incineration in New Jersey, Virginia, Pennsylvania and so on. The impacts of dealing with garbage this way are felt in communities who live all along these truck routes, transfer stations and disposal sites. Public money is thrown away on polluting the air and wearing down the roads to export thousands of tons of compostable material each day in New York City. We think waste export is itself a waste! Our compost project creates a very valuable product, and spares all these negative impacts!


50$ per worm bin +50$ per hour long training x 10 =$1000 ioby fee=$80 TOTAL: $1080


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