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the project

Allegheny GoatScape is comprised of two friendly herds of goats that clear invasive and unwanted vegetation in public spaces and vacant lots. The goats return to their home on the Northside when Pittsburgh's seasons turn cold, because there are no more green weeds for them to munch on! While the goats "vacation" for the winter, the cost of their care increases. Allegheny GoatScape is looking to lighten the burden of winter costs with your support!

In 2019 our goats and donkeys will work in an effective, eco-friendly, and engaging way to clear invasive plants on Pittsburgh's steep slopes, vacant spaces, and parks. 

the steps

Over the winter, the herds are off the job and “vacationing” at their Northside home, lounging in any available winter sun. To keep the herds happy and healthy through the colder months, we make sure they have everything they need in the winter. This includes food, supplements, and wellness checks!

The goats are just as hungry during the winter months when there’s no grass to eat, so they eat hay, pellets, treats, and veggies. Do you take a your vitamins? In the winter months, the goats and donkeys do, too. We provide daily supplements, including vitamin-rich goat pellets, salt block, baking soda, and sunflower seeds. Our herd needs to stay healthy in order to tackle next season’s work. We take them on regular trips to the vet to get checked from head to tail. 

why we're doing it

We want to make sure our fuzzy team is as happy and healthy as can be this winter! While the herds wait for the first green buds to eat in the spring, there's a high cost to keeping them well fed and healthy! That's where your support comes in!  


Without healthy herds, we couldn't do the work we do! In 2019 our goats and donkeys will work in an effective, eco-friendly, and engaging way to clear invasive plants on Pittsburgh's steep slopes, vacant spaces, and parks. As they eat away invasive vegetation, they will reduce the need for fuels and expensive machinery. They'll do this work without leaving any waste, all while naturally fertilizing the soil. Their presence alone will bring community attention to forgotten spaces.


So, what do you say? Will you give for a goat cause? 


Disbursed Budget 3.4.19:

Hay: $1,800
Supplements: $600
Vet visits: $1,000
Travel and vehicle care: $1,000
Support for daily care: $610.68
Total: $5010.68

RAISED = $5,196.00
 less ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $150.32

Original Budget:

Hay: $1,800
Supplements: $600
Vet visits: $1,000
Travel and vehicle care: $1,000
Support for daily care: $600

Total: $5000

Project Subtotal =  $5,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $150
Total to raise on ioby = $5,185



Last few days!

We are so close! 

Thank you to EVERYONE who has given to support us as we make it through the winter. This support, whether through ioby, the Allegheny GoatScape web page, or by a direct donation, all means a lot. It means a lot to know we have so many people cheering us on to see us succeed. 

We are excited for the push to the finish line this week (more excited than a small herd of goats that know they are about to get some carrots and banana peels!)

Thank you for helping us make it through the winter!

One Week to Go!

Thank you to everyone who has given this campaign, helping us get through the winter! We have one week to go and are well over our halfway point, which has been great given the technical difficulties some of you have incurred. (In addition to the generous donations through ioby, we have received $600 through our website and have a friend with a birthday Facebook campaign going on as well). If you have friends, coworkers or relatives who you think would like to support our work, please let them know before the end of February. We all would greatly appreciate it; Team Hobo and Team Diamond included!

Diamond, Kal, Petoskey and Oreo endure a rare snowstorm, Feb. 20, 2019


Happy February, Everyone! We are coming out of the coldest few days we've had in a long time. The goats and donkeys are all doing well; a few of them (namely Ozark and Kal) complain a little more in this weather but don't seem to mind any more than other wintery weather. 

We are grateful for those who have donated thus far and are hoping to have a good February as we close in on our goal of just over $5,000 to get us through the winter, before we can get out and working again. Please consider sharing our fundraiser information with folks you know appreciate seeing the goats cleaning up unwanted plants; we are extremely grateful for the support!

Sincerely, Gavin and the Allegheny GoatScape crew

Pellet time for Team Hobo on a cold winter morning, 2019


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