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the project

The Willows Project is seeking funds to provide emergency food and housing assistance to Central American immigrant families in the Glendale area (Princeton school district) of northern Hamilton County. 

Members of this community often need emergency assistance with rent if they are out of work because of COVID. They may also need emergency accommodations in which to quarantine, and they sometimes require groceries or food delivery.

Having funds available with which to assist people who are quarantining helps the community stay healthy by lowering transmission rates, allowing unwell individuals to home from work, preventing extended families from contracting COVID, and reducing strain on hospitals.  

The Willows Project also provides emergency assistance with housing and food when members of the Glendale-area immigrant community find themselves without a place to stay due to flooding or broken pipes or HVAC.

the steps

To request assistance, a member of the Glendale-area immigrant community can get in touch with us via a friend, neighbor, or acquaintance working with The Willows Project. Our team of volunteers will assess the person's needs, assist them in their communications with apartment management as requested, and make arrangements for temporary housing and/or short-term meals.


why we're doing it

Refugees from Central America face many challenges: They are largely unacquainted with the type of paperwork and bureaucracy that most US residents encounter every day in leasing offices and healthcare systems. They also may not be aware of area service organizations with programs to help them. And on top of all that, they likely speak Spanish and a Mayan dialect—but not English.

The Willows Project seeks to bridge this culture gap and provide a safety net essential for healthy families and healthy communities: food, housing, transportation, education, and connection to area services. Our boots-on-the-ground volunteers work directly with the Glendale-area immigrant community to help them navigate and resolve issues with housing, acquire food and household necessities, connect with area services, thrive in the public school system, and stay healthy during a pandemic.



Emergency Rent Assistance: $2400

Emergency Motel Accommodations for up to 8 individuals or families: $1600

Emergency Groceries and Food Delivery: $1000

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