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the project

For about as long as there's been a skatepark in Lauter park, the people at the park have been talking about getting organized and trying to improve the park. Today, that's happening! 


This campaign is a small part of a larger project to redevelop and revamp the skate park, which is being funded by a $35,000 LoCIP grant through the Town of Windham. Through this fundraising effort we hope to improve the park and show the town how many people care about this project and park. 

the steps

For this project the math is simple. The more money we have the more concrete we can buy and the more cool stuff we can build at the park.


We're looking to finalize our contract for the main expansion the week after labor day.  From there we can identify and itemize individual projects we can undertake. 




why we're doing it

The skatepark is a radically egalitarian investment in public infrastructure. The park is free to use with no admission fee and all are welcome. There is no team or organization required; there are no league fees or schedules to adhere to.  An investment in the skatepark benefits anyone who is ready to enjoy the benefit. 


The skatepark teaches young people valuable life skills about practice and perseverance. No one learns how to kickflip on their first try, but with enough dilligence and determination anyone can learn cool tricks, and maybe even some valuable life lessons. 


$5000 towards the building of the skatepark.

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