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the project

Middle School 88 Peter Rouget is a comprehensive school divided into three distinct learning communities: School for Media Arts, Research and Technology; School for Medical and Health Careers; School for Integrated Studies through the Arts. 

Creating this greenhouse enhances teaching principles by connecting traditional educational themes through on-going cross curriculum projects.

With support from Solar One’s Green Design Lab, several dedicated faculty members are eager to establish the first community garden at a high needs middle school in Brooklyn. This garden space will encourage student growth through hands-on participation and experiential learning.

the steps

1. Building raised planter beds for seedlings
2. Rainwater capture system and water pumps for grow stations
3. Outdoor composting unit and worm composting bins for healthy soil
4. On-going garden maintenance in which students harvest and collect crops
5. Integrating the garden space to promote educational concepts in various disciplines from the physical sciences to the humanities

why we're doing it

The creation of this greenhouse and hydroponic assemblies will be used as a teaching tool to promote cross curriculum learning.  The garden environment will be used as a public space connecting student’s curriculum achievements with their surrounding community.  We hope to raise environmental consciousness on a number of educational themes.


1) Six Geo planters, $40 each; 2) Composting worm factory, $80; 3) Outdoor composting bin, $80; 4) Solar panel pump, $130; 5) Irrigation drip system, $50; 6) Drip hoses, $40; 7) Punchers for tubes, $6; 8) Six live transplant seeds; $30 each; 9) Propagation supplies; $150; 10) Clear plastic domes, $40; 11) Chop saw, $90; 12) seven pond pumps; $40 each: Total= $1366 + $35 ioby fee + 3% credit card processing (40.98) + 5% fiscal sponsorship fee (68.30): Total to fundraise= $1510.28


Thank you message from the project leader!

It's Integrated Projects Week!

It's IPW (Integrated Projects Week), a week full of hands-on experiential learning. We're excited to have the students learn about issues of sustainability! As a culminating project – they'll create a video displaying comprehension of natural resource conservation.

Also, they will be creating a structure and framework for the greenhouse with materials from Build It Green.

Arrival of reusable supplies!


Thanks to BIG (, we received large amounts of salvagable construction material to help us move forward in constructing the greenhouse and hydroponic systems.  These materials were delivered to the school: 2x4s, 2x10s, heavy duty PVC piping, and awesome reclaimed paint products, green and blue colors.  Our students will certainly be busy creating new projects with these items! 

On the lookout for supplies!

Earlier today we went to Build It Green, a non-profit retail outlet for salvageable building material, to obtain construction material for our greenhouse.  These supplies are in excellent condition and are much cheaper.  We are on the look out for a variety of items such as untreated lumber, single-pane windows – to construct cold frames for our garden beds, and paint!


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